Midnight war

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I went to get up to confront them on everything however I could not move an inch. At first, I thought the man put something in my tea, however, the more logical reasoning would be because of the pain going throw my body. After I noticed my erratic behavior I stopped thinking about what had happened to me tonight and spent the rest of my time trying to sleep. However, it just would not come no matter how hard I tried so I laid there thinking about the people in the death camp and how many died since I’ve been here and wondering the ground. Who was unfortunate to be cleaning the slaughter room and all the bodies? I could still hear the screams through all the years I have been there, and I wondered how many kids were up listening to the new ones. I racked my brain on how many were still alive from the first day I arrived at the death camp of hell, and how many of them that died but no matter how hard I tried there were too many for me to even count. However, my thinking stopped as soon as I heard a familiar sound coming from the living room, the sound of breaking glass, and several voices yelling in anger. I tried to move to go see what was going on but I still could not move my body. The only thing that I could move was my head but that didn’t help much since I was downstairs and they were upstairs. Smoke started to fill the room and I started chocking and all the fear ran through my body and yet there was nothing I could do. Another glass broke and I could hear Chris’s voice telling the others to get out before they all die of stupidity. I tried yelling for help but my voice disappeared from me, my heart started racing in my chest when I saw the flames in the doorway. After a while, my lungs started feeling like they were on fire themselves, and my eyes began to water, I could hear everyone footsteps storming around the floor, but there were more than six feet hitting the ground and the extra footsteps were close to me.

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