Midnight war

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I was able to turn my head to the door to see a shadowy figure with red eyes coming towards I felt as though it had the intention of destroying me. I turned my head to the door flames had engulfed it, so if I could move there would have been nowhere to go. I turned my head back to the shadow creature and it had stepped two steps closer to me. I kept my eyes on it and watched it glide closer to me with each breath I took. All I could do was to pray in my head for God to help me once more and Somehow I managed to let out a week scream and closed my eyes as it reached the bed. I could feel the coldness of the hand that came closer to my neck. My heart stopped and I thought I was going to die until for some reason the chill of its hand-pulled away so fast. As I gasped for air I opened my eyes to see what looked to be a huge dog attacking it. I could not see very well, however, the shadow turned into a smock and was gone from my sight. As the dog came closer to me I realized that that dog was a wolf. My eyes were paralyzed with fear and shock as the wolf turned into a man. The man quickly picked me up and dashed through the flames covering my face with his chest. The movement stopped and I could hear the man’s voice yelling at someone called Rick. “The next time you want to get mad do not throw your drink into the fire, also don’t bring your darn friends here!” The one that held me loosened his grip enough that I was able to see his face. I could not believe who I saw, the wolf that was into the man turned out to be the one who tried to kill me. The one called Devin just looked down at me and apologized to me again. I found it weird that he did not put me down, but at the same time, I was glad he didn’t.

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