Midnight war

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Chapter 4

I was woken up by Chris and then was told to go to the table and eat, I did exactly what he told me to do, and sat down at the table I saw a plate with eggs, fruit, and a glass of milk laid out for me. “Once your done eating I want you to get dressed I will take you to where we met,” Chris told me after he threw everything in the next room. All I did was nod my head to let him know I heard him and watched as he sat down in front of me and started drinking from his mug. I quickly ate my plate of food and got up to take care of the dishes I had used and was told to leave them. So I went into the next room and changed into the white dress Devin had bought me. Afterward, I went back out to see Rick standing next to the table. When he saw me he just smiled and signaled to me to come over with his hand. All I could think was what did I do, and if I did not do anything then what did he want. As I came to the table I saw plants, bandages, and bottles that had liquid in them. Rick pulled out a chair for me to sit in and then once I was seated he pushed me in. “OK, now that you’re settled I am going to give you a bit of a lesson that might confuse you,” he told me as he sat down himself and had a very odd smile on his face. “Here you have your bandages as you can tell, and this right next to them is splints for arms and legs. Hopefully, you won’t need them at any time but it’s better to be safe than sorry,” He explained as he put them in the sack. “If you get any cuts, not from the thorns of the black rose you want to put this right on the wound,” He holds up light purplish flower type leaf. “This is called a Dittany; this plant can cure any wound; that is not poisons. Now, this does grow in the garden in a bunch, it looks as though it is a flower petal leaf flat bush but to be on the safe side I grabbed some last night,” He told me. I could not believe what I was hearing, I was abet confused about why I needed to know this, but at least he warned me right. After wrapping it up in a cloth he put it in the bag he then moved on with his so-called lesson. He held up another plant that looked as though it was a branch of a bush, “This is what you call a Vul nut vine; these are easy to miss because it looks like a normal mini bush. However, if you are looking for more they smell of hazelnut and Basel. This plant is put in water and drunk it will give the drinker a two seconds insight into the future. However, this should not be used constantly it could harm you,” He warned me.

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