Midnight war

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“If you told me the truth maybe you would not be in so much pain now, you would have been in pain but not to the point of death.” The man pointed out. “This poison can strengthen or kill you; I myself have no idea what it will do since you don’t have too much fat on your bones.” The man said as he sat down and watched me. My eyes closed and I became frightened that I would not be able to open them back up. Even though I was on the verge passing out from the pain that I forced my eyes back open and the man started laughing at me. “I never had a woman in here for a long time the fun I could have with you,” He laughed even harder but all I could do was open my eyes wider in fear. “You’re a fighter, good that is going to help you in the long run in the labyrinth of hell. However, if you want it to pass through you faster let yourself fall asleep unless you want to die than stay awake. It’s all up to you miss.” He told me with a wicked grin on his face and after a while, I could not hear anything or keep my eye barely opened. felt something slid under my back and legs and I could not tell what was going on anymore, then I felt myself being lifted and then dropped on something hard yet soft. I could not help it my eyes closed and did not open them up again though I could hear the movements around the house. The chill through my bones did not go away through the pain did begin to stop. I could hear my voice crying for help, and for the first time in a long time tears running down my face. After a while, I heard something slamming, and then a scream coming from the old man. After a while, I felt someone starting to shake me, but I could not do anything more than to continue to call for help. I felt once again being lifted up, however, I could not hear anything going on around me. Then after the longest time, I felt something cold touching my face and I managed to open my eyes for a short time to see another man looking down at me.

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