Midnight war

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Chapter 5

“You’re going to be alright, I won’t let him hurt you again I promise.” The strange man told me. Another voice flared through the air, “What the hell do you think you were doing to her Colt! Your son is in charge of her, not you; I warned you that I would kill you the next time you did this again. If she dyes I will twist that soul-eating neck so fast, and you know I can do that.” I didn’t need to look at the person because I realized the voice, it belonged to Devin. The pain was still there and all I could do was grasp the clothing of the one that held me and the lesson to Devin chew the man out. “She lied to me, and you know that if one does that they have to be punished.” The old man called back to him. “What did she say that made you think she was lying father?” the young man called out. “She told me her name, which was Grace, she then told me her age, and then told me that she did not know what she was going to be when she reached the mansion.” The old man told the rest of them. “She wasn’t lying to you at all, her name is Grace and she is 17 years of age, the plan is that she becomes the maid of the house, however like I told you years ago, that might not be. The only one that lied here today is you. The reason you did this to her was because of you a jealous that we picked you’re a son instead of you, and the only reason we do that is that your son doesn’t leave the person to die when something goes wrong unlike you!” Devin barked at him. “I only do that because the darn person is either too weak to continue, or too stupid to fallow me a tries to take the darn creatures on. It’s not my fault that you’re father picks out the weaklings, and the overconfident once!” The old man spat back. “That doesn’t give you the right to kill them let alone hurt them if you don’t think they are not telling the truth,” Devin spat back. “I was told to do what I thought was best, by the master of the house!” the man flared out. “I told you not to hurt her when I came last night, you ever disobey me I will tear your throat out do you understand me?” Devin threatened.

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