Midnight war

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Even though I felt sick and dizzy, I looked to where Devin and the old man were expecting the old man to be on the ground died. However to my surprise, he was not, both men had disappeared from sight. I looked at Rick who had the look of horror on his face just looking at the spot where they were. I turned to see the boy that had me with the look of terror but at the same time looking at more with concerns. I looked around but could not find them anywhere; I heard movement behind me and saw the boy getting up. “Are you all right?” he asked me but I never answered him, I turned back to the one called Rick, “Please tell me he did not just kill him,” I asked him. At first, Rick didn’t say anything and then after a while, he started mumbling words. “Oh, my god, he is pissed” he started saying “Rick?!” I heard the boy call out, “I never have seen him so ticked off like that in my life” Rick said as he turned to me. “Rick?!” I heard the boy calling in a more concerted way now. “You must really mean something to him for him to do something like this,” Rick said as he looked straight at me with feared eyes. “Rick?!” the boy yelled at again catching Rick’s attention this time, “Where the hell did he take my father?” he asked with a more worried tune after seeing Rick’s face.

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