Midnight war

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“You feeling OK?” The boy asked me. All I did was nod my head yes to him, and continued to nibble on my bread. “The reason I was asking is that I noticed you don’t eat that much.” I didn’t answer him this time, for it was the way I ate for three years. The boy didn’t seem to get annoyed at me for not talking, but I noticed he looked uncomfortable with the silence. “My name is Andrew, what’s yours?” he asked. I knew he already knew my name from the encounter with the others thanks to his dad. However I noticed he wanted me to talk, but it was something I did not use to doing anymore. “Grace,” I told him. “That’s a nice name, did you know Grace means Favored and Benevolence?” he told me and all I could do was shack my head no. I took two more swigs of water and tried to get back to sleep. I laid there for the longest time yet could not go back to sleep. “Can’t go back to sleep?” Andrew asked me when I sat back up. I shook my head no and stared at the fire. The boy just smiled and looked up to the black sky, “I can’t believe it’s a solar and lunar eclipse today. It’s very rare to have them on the same day let alone this long. Though tomorrow should be nice and clear with a full moon. That’s a perfect night to arrive at the mansion.” He explained then looked at me and smiled. All he did for the longest time was smile at me and poke the fire with a long stick. I heard another snap and then a curdling scream come from behind me, I looked around and then back at Andrew all he did was frown and shook his head. “I warned him,” he mumbled. “What?” I asked him before I could catch myself, but again he looked at me and smiled. “Don’t worry about it just someone being stupid,” he told me and then started laughing.

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