Midnight war

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I did not know when they moved me nor did I care what happened to me after that. To me I was no longer alive for my soul was shredded to bits with ever scream I heard. I felt shacking and a voice yelling at me, I could not make the words enter my thoughts, but I was able to see the boy frightened as can be. I watched his lips move so fast, and then nothing. I only came to when I felt him slap me, and then I heard him say, “I am sorry but I am not going to let you die here.” He took my clothing off and dressed me in a wool sack dress. Then I was pulled up by the hair and dragged to another building filled with other kids. I could hear someone crying, “No not again get me out of here please!” but I could not figure out who it came from. The boy grabbed my face and told me to calm down, I had to calm down. The next thing I knew I was on the ground crying with him shielding me from everyone in the room. I heard someone’s footsteps come closer to us. “You better keep her quiet, or she will get hurt, or worse killed.” an old boy’s voice told us. “I won’t let that happen!” The boy spat out to the weak voice that warned him. “You might not want to get attached to anyone for all you know they will disappear the next day or night.” the voice warned. “They will have to kill me first before they get their hands on her tonight or any night,” he spat back out. I couldn’t help it but ask why he was doing this, but he never answered me all h did was hold me tightly.

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