Midnight war

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Chapter 7

I did not really know how but our prayer was answered, his by death, and mine was to a different way of life of pain. Not only was I almost killed here, but the pain that just won’t leave my chest when I saw Gabriel’s face within the bushes. I fell onto my legs and cried out the words, “Why? Why did you have to leave me? Why did I have to love you?” The tears just would not stop, and I did not want to go on I just wanted to die right then and there. I looked halfway up to see white flowers all the way through the path. I managed to get myself to get back up, but the tears would not stop, the flowers lead me to another in a closed place, where I fell back onto my knees and cried when I saw no opening away from this tournament. I don’t know when but an arm went around me and pulled me into them and held me. I had no idea who it was, but they were nice enough not to say anything to me, they just sat there holding me. Once my crying quieted then and only then did the person speak to me. “What’s wrong? What happened?” said the voice. Even though I no longer had the oil lamp I knew who it was, I pulled away just enough to try to look him in the eye. “Devin? What are you doing here?” I asked. “Well, to be honest, I am here to check up on you and making sure you’re not hurt. Now where the hell is your guide?” he asked me. “The maze would not let him come with me I don’t know why,” I told him. “I see, so why were you crying are you hurt?” he asked me. “I’m fine, I’ll be all right, I am just going to have to deal with it the best way I can,” I told him. “Deal with what?” he asked me this time I heard something in his voice that sounded like it was concerned and confused at the same time.

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