Midnight war

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“It’s something I rather not talk about if that’s OK with you. It just I just wish this stupid maze would leave me alone,” I ranted a bit. It was weird because he did not ask anything after that all he did was laugh. “Yeah, this maze is a shadow of the past. Anything that hurt you in the past it brings back in different ways. Sometimes I see my mom in the branches.” He told me as he laughed some more. “That’s why I come in here as often as I do, is so I don’t forget the ones I owe my life to, and little by little the pain went away, but it is hard to see some of them.” He consoled to me. “How, do you coop with it?” I asked him. “You just continue living the way you normally do, however you change small little things in your life,” he told me. Without thinking I mumbled under my breath, “This is not a small change in life, its one hell of a change that I did not want to do in the first place.” I felt Devin’s arms let go of me and then heard him get up. He took my hand and started walking towards the way he came, he did not say a word, nor did he speed his pace. He walked very slowly so he would not drag me, we came to a stop where a bright light came from, and there I saw the lamp that I had left when I fell to my knees the first time to cry and where I saw those shining white flowers. “This maze knows more of a personal pain than everyone would remember in this lifetime. It will either pity the person that walks through here, or it will hate the person and do everything it can to hurt them even more. However, in the field of the maze, it learns your pain and tries to register it for the next time. Though this maze in its self holds its own pain, and that is why nothing will grow, and if it does grow something it doesn’t live more than an hour. This maze if it is treated right by one being or if a being is already hurting will show the being or have another come to find them so they are not alone. It seems to me that the maze knows more about your pain to the point that no one else will ever understand in this world, for it leads you back to the oil lamp, and lead me to you.” He told me with the clearest soft voice I ever heard in my life.

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