Midnight war

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“Are you the one that they are sent for Shadow Mansion?” the shadowy figure asked. The voice sounded gentle and manly. “Yes, sir I am,” I answered him I must have sounded nervous because the figure gave a dark chuckle. “It’s alright I won’t bite. I am the butler of the mansion.” He told me after he was done. “Tell me what you have heard about Shadows Mansion?” he asked me. “I have not heard anything about the mansion, or anyone living there. I was told by my grandmother that no one goes in there because something dark that lingers there.” I told him without really meaning to but the wired thing was I knew what I was doing and just continued. “She also told me that if something happened to her I must keep people out of there. However, that was four years ago before I was sent to the slave camp.” The man sighed, “I see she must have not known everything about the meadow.” He told me and he did not talk for a while, I watched him the whole time. Every time the moonlight hit him it looked as though his eyes are yellow. He cleared his throat, “Well then since we are almost there let me inform you.” He took a breath before he continued, “the Master is ill and should not be bothered after the first meeting. There will be rooms that you will not be allowed in. there are only three people living there for now. There are just the Master, me, and the cook; so there will be no help with the house cleaning,” He informed me. “May I ask what illness the master has?” I asked him before I could stop myself. However, the genital man did nothing to say how dare I, all he did was answer me. “I do not know what he has, however, the doctor did say it was nothing anyone could catch.” We arrived at the mansion gates and the doors opened. The genital man got out first and then helped me down, “I am afraid you will have to go in yourself. I have another engagement to attend to. Try not to get lost in the yard.” He told me as he was getting back into the carriage. “How would I get lost in the yard, Sir? I asked him. “You will find out soon, good luck, and hope to see you upon my return tomorrow morning,” He told me as he closed the carriage door.

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