Midnight war

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At that thought I had finally found the bandages, even though I had no water to wash my wound I wrapped it as fast and tight as I could. I started feeling dizzy once again but managed to keep my self awake long enough to pack everything back into the bag and drag Devin into the middle of the rectangle. There I collapse with the world spinning around me, for once I might not make it and I rather have lived. Darkness slowly came over me like someone putting a blanket over my head. I felt someone grab me and hear a voice telling me to wake up, but when I opened my eyes I could not see anything. Then the voice told me to hang on not to give up, I wasn’t sure if I actually answered it or not but I told it was would try. I managed to pull myself awake when I noticed that something in this rectangle had changed. Right next to me was a pound; I was so weak I could only move my right arm to drag water to my mouth. I was still so dizzy but I looked around and could not see Devin. I started to worry and then I managed to make myself believe that he was just on the other side where I could not see. I felt as if I was not going to make it yet I wanted to continue living for once I wanted to see how my life would turn out. Would my new master keep me or would he send me back to die, would I learn to trust them or would I continue to doubt them? With these last thoughts of me, no I closed my eyes for the last time and waited till the angel of death came for me.

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