Midnight war

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After a while I started hearing a voice, “You’re not going to die. It is not your time yet when its time you will no longer hear my voice.” I was startled by the voice that I opened my eyes to see the pond this time. I tried to move but still could not. My heart should have been pounding harder, however, it was still so calm. I had no idea what was going on, yet it did not bother me in the slightest. “You must get up before it’s too late.” The voice rang in my ears. “What’s happening what will be too late?” my voice weakly flowed out of my mouth. The voice did not answer me, so I struggled to move my body. The zing of pain went through my body and if I wasn’t already paralyzed it would have made me stop. It took me a long time before getting used to the pain in my side for me to even get up. I was finally on my hands and knees looking around for Devin but he was no were to be found. Now panicking I flung myself from the ground on to my feet. I started calling his name more than once, I knew his wounds were healed but I did not know if he was OK to move around himself. I looked further into the bushes and realized everything around me was alive not died like the rest of the maze. I could not believe what I saw, I looked up to the sky and saw the sun was about to go down, I nearly wasted my whole day passed out. I followed the bushes around and finally found an opening. While looking for openings I was looking for more of those Dittany leaves to heal my own wounds. After walking so fast into every opening I came to a very beautiful garden with a pond. Nothing was around it was so quiet yet in a peaceful way.

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