Midnight war

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I walked towards the pond, yet before I reached it the voice told me not to touch it I asked it why but the voice did not answer me. So I decided to listen to the voice and sat next to it, I took my bag and I dug through it again and managed to change the bandages. After I was done changing the bandages I was given permission to use some of the dead branches from the bush and burn them. I used the matches that were inside my bag that Devin bought me. I picked out some fruit and bread that Chris gave me. I started wondering how they were doing, and why Devin left me as he did. “They are all alright. You will see them again.” The voice said again. “Who are you?” I asked it, but all it said was it was a friend for now. I pulled everything out of my bag the only leaves I had left were the Vul nut vine, the Black leather box with the repellents and perfume, my dark green dress, and black shoes. As well as the splints, however, I used all my bandages. After I was done looking I put everything back in the bag. I looked at the plants that were in this small garden but I could not find any more Dittany leaves however I found a plant that my grandmother showed me how to use. The Sanguis vita est leaves are to help replenish your blood cells. It helps when you lose too much blood like I have felt a bit dizzy I took only two of the leaves and chewed them. I started to feel a bit better afterward but I knew unless these bandages were tight enough or if I found any more Dittany leaves I would be done for. I took some more of the Sanguis vita est leaves and wrapped them in the silk handkerchief and put them in my bag. I remembered to thank the plant for its help and walked around a bit to find that there were no openings. I had no idea what I was to do or where to go next, and the voice did not say anything to me. I walked back to the plants and laid there on the ground for a while. I must have fallen asleep again because I felt someone shaking me so I decided to open my eyes to see who it was, “Thank God you’re alive.”

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