Midnight war

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Right then and there I knew it was Andrew; though I could not get back up to even give him a hug. “How bad are you’re wounded?” he asked me in a soft yet concerned voice. “I don’t know, but I am out of bandages and the Dittany leaf,” I told him. “You got hurt that many times?” I heard him shriek. But I kept my voice firm, “No, this is my first one. I used only two to keep it from bleeding really hard, and the rest on Devin. By the way, have you run into him?” I asked him while trying to get up. “You guys need to get going, your time is almost up, be swift as the wind.” The voice called out. I managed to get up, but Andrew was trying to get me to set back down. “Your hurt really bad I need to get you taken care of.” He scolded me. “I’m sorry Andrew but it is going to have to wait, Devin is out there somewhere and might still have injuries I did not see,” I told him while clenching my teeth in pain. “I need to get to the mansion and get his dad and brother so they can look for him; pulse I spent too long in here already my time is almost out. I have to get there before tomorrow comes.” I continued. Andrew helped me up and held me for the longest time. “I am so sorry if only I was with you; you would not have been hurt so bad. Where was Devin?” he asked me. “He was with me for a while and then after the attack and me passing out when I woke back up he was gone. I don’t know where he disappeared to.” I explained as fast as I could and I was pretty sure I did not make the right sentence at that time. “But Andrew I have to get to the mansion as I said are I will be sent back to where I came from,” I told him. At that, he picked me up and started walking through the opening that the maze gave him. “I will get you out of here before nightfall.” He started to say. “You are very close to the exit anyway.” He finished saying. The next thing I knew the voice was back in my head telling me that Devin was all right for now. That if he had not left me as he did we would have been died by now. I did not say anything to the voice but felt a smile rise on my face. I had no idea where we were but at the same time, I did not care. My head was becoming fuzzy once more and I knew if we did not find that ditty leaf I was going to die here on the spot.

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