Midnight war

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After what seemed to be forever, I found myself at what appeared to be a hedge but I could not see very well. Cause it was getting dark and by now I am getting tired, hungry and very confused. Though I did know at this point I was not getting there any time tonight. So I sat down on the ground not knowing what I was to do or how I was to do it. It felt as though the night was never going to end and I was one that was not much for the dark. Next thing I knew something grabbed my shoulder making me jump out of my skin. Letting out a startled yelp I turn to see in front of me a man with a lantern. “What are you doing here?” the man asked me in a very deep tone. After finding my breath I answered him. “I am looking for the mansion, however, I don’t know where I am and if I am going the right way, I can’t even see five steps in front of me.” The man just nodded his head and lifted the lantern high so the light blinded me I could not see the man’s face. “It’s not safe to be out here at this time. Come with me and I will call the mansion for you and tell them you will be continuing your journey tomorrow.” the man told me. “Sir, I do not want to sound rude but how do I know I can trust you not to lead me to my death?” All the guy did was laugh at me, at this time I am totally confused. “Miss if I was going to kill you, I would have done it when you were not paying attention. Now if you come with me I will call Black and say that you will be on your way in the morning.” the man told me while still laughing at me. “Also my name is Chris I am the caretaker of the cottage and the yard away from the mansion, I had gone out to get daily supplies today. Done worry it takes everyone two to three days to get there by foot so you won’t be scolded by anyone. Now let’s go before they wake up.” The man told me. “What’s your name kid?” he asked me promptly. “My name is 1314,” I told him as I struggled to keep up with him. “What kind of name is that?” The man asked me. “It’s my number I was given,” I told him while trying to keep behind him. “I asked for your name, not your number,” the man pointed out to me. It took me a while because for the longest time no one really called me by my name. “Grace sir,” I told him while starting to jog.

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