Midnight war

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Chapter 2

Morning came all too soon and I woke up startled for I had forgotten where I was for two split seconds. The mounds of junk looked as though it became bigger while I was sleeping and I couldn’t help but wonder if it was always like that or what on earth did he do last night. “Ah, you’re awake already I see”, hearing his voice a crossed the room. I snapped my head to the left corner part and saw Chris sitting at the table. “Yes sir,” I called back to him while setting up on the bed. “Well it’s only five in the morning if you want to sleep a little more,” He told me. “Thank you but I am fine after all I’m not having very much luck sleep-wise anyway,” I told him. Chris got up and put what looked like to be a book on the pile of stuff next to him. “I could tell you were tossing and turning all last night.” He told me and all I could do was look down at the dirty sheets. “OK then I will make some food and then I have to get back to work up at the mansion,” He explained to me. “Sir, how long are you going to be?” I asked him. “I believe I will be back before dark, but sometimes my job will keep me out later you should be safe as long as you stay in this area. However, I don’t want you to go anywhere away from this house before I get back do you understand? No matter who tells you otherwise, not even if it is the master himself?” He told me. I could not understand why he would tell me to disobey the master of the house but I told him I understood.

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