Devils Daughter

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A young girl who has been cursed by unnatural beings. Abandoned by her village she is whisked away from a spiritual being to show her the world that had rejected her. Though what awaits her?

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Chapter 1

“Widows shook as the wind hit’s the widow pain. There is a short breath under the bed, as a young girl hides under it. The creeks from the floorboards start coming towards the closed lock doors, footsteps stop, and the door handle riddles with great force. It stops and all goes quiet the little girl thinks she is safe and crawls from underneath the bed. She walks towards the window and looks out, thinking the coast is clear she turns around. From the outside you could hear her blood-curdling scream from two miles away,” the village story told. All the kids around him scooted closer towards him. They all were in aw, with their mouths wide open, and their eyes glitter with excitement. All except one, a twelve-year-old girl called Adieu Aloe. She was entrusted in mysteries that made sense and had a fantastic ending. Unlike the rest of the people in that town. However she was a mystery kid here self, she had three holes on the side of her neck; she had them since she was five years old. Most people would think it was caused by a blood-sucking vampire, except she was still alive and was not fazed by the light and crosses.

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