Devon’s Guest

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A mean boy gets what he deserves after a strange guest appears on his neck...

Horror / Thriller
Brice Carlton
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Devon’s Guest

Devon's Guest

Devon zipped quickly on the sidewalk, not caring about anyone but himself. His bike ran over a small orange beetle crossing the sidewalk. As he zoomed along, he noticed an open field where a house used to be. He slowed to a stop. The house had been knocked down, and there was only tall grass left. Devon stopped his bike and put down the kickstand. Devon liked to find weird and often gross creatures to prank his friends and family. He was very good at catching animals that scurry and scuttle, and it always baffled his friends who would watch him pounce on a squirrel or rat to catch it. Devon entered the tall grass with eyes like a hawk. They darted around, searching for any sign of vermin life. This searching went on for fifteen minutes, and Devon had gotten pretty deep into the tall grass. He decided it was time to go back home. Devon went, unsatisfied, back to his bike. It was getting dark, and if he wasn’t home soon, his father would tan his hide. He jumped on the bike and raced back home.

He arrived at his subdivision and then his house. He ran up and went inside. He turned to see his dad slumped over on the couch snoring. He had an open pizza box, and there were two pieces left. Devon grabbed a bit and ate it on his way to the kitchen. The kitchen was large, with two tables. He opened the refrigerator and grabbed one of his dad’s beers. Devon did this on occasion when his father had fallen asleep on the couch. He went up to his room and sat on his bed, sipping the beer. He played Atari until he got tired. Devon yawned and looked at the clock on his nightstand. 12:38. He undressed and went to bed. The next morning, Devon woke up feeling very uneasy. His neck ached as if he’d been sleeping on it wrong. He got out of bed and stumbled towards his dresser. He got dressed and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. His neck hurt*.*He itched the side of his neck and felt a bump on there. His first thought was a new zit, and then he turned his head at the mirror and saw it was a bug. It was a *tick*. Devon freaked out, realizing it had been attached to him, feasting on his blood all night long. He looked back at it. It was a gray color and was very bloated. He knew you had to pull them off and kill them. He put his fingers around the bug, making his neck hurt more and pulled. It didn’t come off. He tried pulling it harder. No luck. He tried yanking it off, but it wouldn’t budge. He grabbed it and twisted it, and it still did not come off. He sighed. He looked at the thing on his neck in disgust. It seemed to be getting bigger. He stormed out of the bathroom and into his dad’s room. His dad cursed and asked what was wrong. Devon explained that there was a tick on him and it wouldn’t come off. His dad shooed him out of the room, obviously exhausted. Devon protested that it hurts, but his dad didn’t listen, he turned up the radio. Devon slammed the door and rushed back into his room. He sat on his bed angrily, scratching the itching tick. Then he got an idea. He tore open his drawer on his nightstand and searched through the things. He pulled out a pocket knife. Devon went to the bathroom with the blade and looked in the mirror with horror. The tick had grown. It was now the size of a quarter. It had turned a darker gray color. He decided it was time. He opened the knife and pinched the tick. He pushed the knife into the side of the tick’s bulging body. It was solid. He pulled on the tick while cutting at it, but it held on. Devon cursed and punched the mirror in frustration, shattering it.

He yelped and looked down at his bloody fist. He suddenly felt dazed. He stumbled and fell to the bathroom floor. The world was fuzzy. He leaned against the wall and looked up, seeing a spaceship float towards him and then away. He giggled at this. He looked at the toilet and out popped a fly, but the fly was huge, and it walked instead of flew. It walked over to him and then disappeared. He laughed again as the world went in swirls above him. He then slumped over, to rest.

Devon’s father walked into the bathroom at 1 PM that afternoon, discovering the pale, white-eyed corpse of Devon, drained of all fluids. The man had no chance to scream because the tick, now the size of a small cat, leaped at him and immediately began to feed.

A word from Devon Jacobs’ school teacher, Mrs. Anderson,

“He was a very misbehaved boy, had awful grades, and was disrespectful to everyone. But, of course, I’m not saying he deserved what he got…”

A word from a classmate:

“I didn’t like Devon. He was rude and mean, and that’s why none of us will miss him…”

The police found that the deaths were caused by a very dangerous deer tick that commonly lives in tall grass. The tick had been exposed to radiation from a nearby power plant that leaked into the ground. We don’t yet know it the pollution has affected anything else…

\-Abby States, BOC News.

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