Biddings Of The Great Evil

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“The question now you all survive? I wiped out a whole town cause no one was worthy of being saved.” It said. After Janelle's parents died in a car accident she was taken in by her aunt. With the support of her friends and aunt she was able to push through, feeling like she had a family to lean on. Until she received a guest. A guest that changed her life.

Horror / Mystery
Inked Disaster
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Biddings Of The Great Evil

Janelle opened her eyes and looked around but remained in bed, she touched her temple trying to ease the dull headache. How do you sleep and wake up with a headache she thought.

She finally got out of bed and down on her knees to pray.

She tries to support herself with the chair while getting up but misses and almost hits her head on the drawer handle.

She sighed and got up. It was past five, she rarely needed an alarm, her brain had already mastered the time.

Whether she sleeps late or early, she always wakes up past five. It has been that way for as long as she can remember.

She went to shower, she had a bad habit of spending more than thirty minutes in the shower. Half the time is used to sing, dance and monologue with the mirror directly opposite her.

She got dressed in her usual, jeans and a tee. She sat down in front of her mirror and tried to pack her hair.

Janelle was white but with a natural tan. She was of Dominican descent, usually mistaken as black.

She finally succeeded in pulling her short brown hair into a bun.

She picked up her mom's necklace and wore it around her neck. She checked her bedside clock.

It was a few minutes to seven. She hurried out to eat as she was greeted by the usual silence.

She had been staying with her aunt, Marian since her parents died in a car accident.

Marian had to take some extra shifts at the hospital to make ends meet. Mostly night shifts, which left Janelle with a lonely and quiet house.

The house she'd always lived in had changed a great deal, although she was young when they passed but she'd been old enough to notice the changes.

She scanned through the fridge. Tomatoes. Milk. Juice. Leftovers. Chocolates. She grabbed some chocolate bars and milk.

She poured some into a bowl and filled it up with cereals, lucky for her, her aunt had stocked up on more.

Janelle's stomach couldn't handle proper breakfast in the morning, anything pancakes, bread and more were always taking an effect on her insides, making her uncomfortable throughout the day. So she settled for cereals.

She finished it up and dropped the bowl in the sink. She grabbed her bag and pulled on her shoes.

She went out and locked the door. As she walked to where the school bus usually stops at to get her and some other kids she felt as though someone was watching her.

She discreetly scanned her environment but there was nothing out of the ordinary, just flowers and trees.

She shook it off.

She got on the bus and greeted the driver.

She stopped at a few seats to greet some people before taking her usual seat at the back. Ivan, one of her friends was already seated, staring at his phone.

Growing up in a family of whites has its benefits; staring at your screen with minimal interruptions.

The bus drove out of the estate and pulled up at another place.

All of a sudden Janelle felt the walls of the bus close in on her. She tried to calm her breathing, in between breaths she covered herself with the blood of Jesus.

Ivan placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Are you okay J? You seem a little off." He said concerned.

She just waved it off and smiled.

More people got on the bus and her friends filed their way to the back.

Tamar's face came into view first, she was very beautiful. She had a pointed nose and took pride in loving her slightly big forehead.

She was an African American who switched accents like she switched clothes.

"Hey you. Sorry I couldn't make it over yesterday." She said, nailing the British accent.

Timothy took a seat next to her. Janelle wasn't sure if the rest could tell that Timothy had a thing for Tamar but she certainly could.

Timothy wasn't bad looking, he worked out more than an average teenager should but he was really working to get his foot in Lacrosse after high school. He knew he could go far, there was a little strain on him being a kid of color but he was determined.

When Timothy is determined nothing can stop him. He was the motivator of the group.

Saida sat next to me, leaving Ivan behind us and Timothy and Tamar in front.

Saida was Asian American and she wore her identity with so much confidence, over time her confidence had rubbed off on the rest.

So in one way or the other, they complimented each other and they've been doing that since the fifth grade and they weren't prepared to stop in the 11th grade or anytime soon.

Saida had on pink eyeshadow and a beautifully printed dress that she paired with vans.

"You took my shoes again." Janelle said, checking her bag for her phone.

Saida smiled, "I told you before I took it besides, you have like two extra."

"Yeah, but I only have a pair of black and white."

Janelle unlocked her phone and the message from her aunt popped up. It read; just got home, have a great day at school. I hope we get to spend time together this weekend.

Janelle smiled and hoped so too. She looked at Saida who had placed her head on her shoulder.

The noise enveloped them.

Timothy and Tamar knelt down on their seats so they could talk to the rest.

"Are we still on for the sleepover at your place?" Timothy asked.

Tamar pouted, "Yes please, I need to get away from my family for a little while, even if it's just for a night."

Tamar's parents were dotting, she loved them but she didn't want or like too much attention. They had recently adopted twin boys, they were just seven and they were driving her insane.

Ivan sat up, "I'm going to bring snacks. All the snacks you want."

Janelle's anger melted over the offer. She'd invited them to stay with her two days ago but they all canceled because they had one thing or the other to do.

She'd gone to bed upset that night. She was the only one who didn't have parents to hang out with or friends outside their circle. She'd left Saida out of the people she was mad at because she was grounded.

"I mean, coming over to your house doesn't really serve as going out. I'll still be grounded but with friends." Saida said.

"But isn't that the whole point of being grounded, not being able to hang out with friends?" Ivan said.

"Oh look, Ivan just said something smart." Saida teased. Ivan rolled his eyes, smiling a little.

The bus pulled into the parking lot and the doors hissed open. The smoke from the bus had a funny smell so they usually took the front door.

Janelle tripped, Ivan quickly grabbed her shirt and held her steady. She straightened and he let go of her shirt.

He furrowed his brows, wondering what she had tripped on cause there was nothing on the ground.

"Big tees to the rescue!" Saida teased. They laughed except for Ivan, he was worried, Janelle was the careful one, and there were no bumps in the ground.

He shoved his phone into his pocket and followed closely behind her, just in case.

They filed into the Hall for their usual morning assembly. All five of them sat down side by side. Few people around greeted them.

Janelle smiled at Patricia when she waved, she was one of the girls that had a thing for Ivan. She'd asked Janelle to put a good word in for her and she did.

She hadn't even asked him if they'd spoken.

Their principal, Mr. Melvin, had great pride in this school because he'd seen the building to its final stage and had even been at the grand opening.

The school tipped towards being a school for Christians but they'd tipped the scale back and allowed believers and non-believers into the school.

Her aunt had been sour for a while but later let it go because the school was working towards winning more souls for Christ and teens and adolescents was a good way to start.

He informed them about the upcoming play, Samson and Delilah.

"You know how it goes, auditions at the drama club. Mr. Peters will guide you. Have a wonderful day, believers."

Everyone got up and tried to hurry through the door at once.

They sat there and waited for them to clear out a little more before getting up.

Janelle felt something touch her shoulder, she looked behind her but there was no one there. The principal was still at the front of the room discussing with Mr. Peters.

Ivan turned to look at her, wondering why she'd stopped. He gently tugged on her arm, she snapped her head towards him, a little startled.

"Are you okay? Do you have a fever or something?" He enquired.

Janelle managed a smile, "I'm fine."

"Well, I don't believe you. You've been acting funny all day, you even tripped on your feet." Ivan said.

"Didn't you notice anything strange this morning? Like..." Janelle was cut short by the piercing sound of the bell.

Ivan held her arm and asked her what she wanted to say. She just waved it aside and told him not to bother. She smiled and left him standing there, wondering what was going on.

It was best she didn't raise an alarm. She was probably just a little under the weather or something, she thought.

She walked into her Creative writing class, Patricia was her seatmate. She sat down.

"Hi. How are you?"

Patricia was a pretty girl, she had freckles scattered across her face, her hair was always up in a neat ponytail.

"I'm glad you asked. I just realized that all I brought for lunch are chocolate bars." Janelle grunted. She should've made sandwiches.

She wasn't really a fan of the meals served at the cafeteria unless it was factory-made. Patricia laughed, "I could give you one of my sandwiches."

Patricia had always been so nice to her, they hit it off almost immediately when she came about a year ago.

Janelle smiled and placed a hand on her chest, "I can never say no to your sandwiches."

More students filed in. She smiled and greeted a few. She wasn't a social person but she knew a few people.

She focused on getting inspiration for her next paper. What does hope mean to you?

She grabbed her bag and headed to the restroom to change for sports. Sports had always been an easy and well deserved A for her.

She pulled the shorts up a little bit and walked out of the restroom. Her friends were already there, seated in their usual spot.

They had a game of basketball today. Team by team and today it was team D's turn. Janelle's team had already gone, they were team B, it was a close one but they won.

She walked to her locker and dropped her bag. She came back and sat in the middle of her friends. Ivan was at the far end but he made sure to glance at her every now and then.

Thirty minutes into the game Janelle shot out of her seat, Saida had gone to ease herself.

Timothy thought she wanted to go too so he sat up straight so she could pass but she just stood there.

She felt a presence. There was tension in the air, she didn't know if she could attribute it to the people and noise around but it felt different.

She had drawn more attention to herself now because nobody else was standing they were just watching, waiting for the scores to change so they could cheer.

Ivan got up and held her arm, gently whispering, "J, you're drawing attention to yourself. What's going on?"

Almost immediately her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she went limp.

Ivan caught her and carried her. People around them gasped. Alerting the coach and some people on the team, the other team used it as leverage and took a dunk.

But no one was paying attention to the game anymore as Ivan hurriedly carried Janelle out and to the clinic.

Her body was warmer than usual. She was definitely coming down with something.

Her friends followed.

Tamar sent a message to Saida to meet them at the clinic.

Saida was about to open the door to the gym when her phone beeped. She checked it just as some girls passed her.

"Poor Janelle. I hope she's okay." One of them said.

Saida hurried to the clinic. Her friends were seated outside. Ivan was standing by the door.

She went to him to ask him what happened.

"You should've seen her. It was like she was in some kind of trance before she passed out. Did you notice she's been a little off all day?" Ivan said, ruffling his hair.

Saida had called for her parent's driver to come pick them up after the nurse had recommended that they take Janelle home.

"I've given her everything she needs, just make sure she gets enough rest." The nurse said.

They were finally allowed in to see her. She was laid down on the bed, her hands on either side of her body, she was asleep.

Saida's phone buzzed and she checked it. It was the driver, he'd arrived.

Ivan walked over to the bed and carried her.

"I'll go get her bag." Timothy said, heading in the direction they'd come.

Saida and Tamar led the way. There were some students around. Some of them peaking their heads to see what was going on.

The whispers got louder. Ivan adjusted his arms when Janelle held onto his shoulder.

He looked down at her, her eyelids were half-open.

Tamar hurried to open the door. The car was parked directly in front of the building.

Saida opened the door and Ivan laid her on the seat.

"Should we all go or meet up at her place later?" Tamar asked.

"Uh, Ivan and I could go. You and Tim can stay here and help us get our stuff." Saida said.

Just then Timothy ran out holding Janelle's bag.

He held onto the car door, trying to catch his breath.

"What...What's going on?"

"We concluded that we don't all need to go now, we could just meet back at her place." Tamar said.

Timothy nodded unable to breathe out another sentence. He handed her bag to Saida and they got into the car.

Ivan sat at the back with her and laid her head on his thighs. Timothy shut the door for him and they watched as the car drove away.

"I just hope she's okay. She hardly gets sick so it still gets a little weird when she does once in a while." Timothy said.

Tamar sighed. Her phone beeped and she brought it out. It was Saida.

"Sai said she'd send the driver back to get us." Tamar relayed to him.

"Great, I'll cancel my ride then." He said.

It was a good idea to allow phones at school. They couldn't imagine having to go from teacher to teacher to borrow their phones. Besides, it helped to pass info around easier.

Sometimes that was a favorable thing and other times it wasn't, cause right now news of Janelle fainting had hit their school forum.

They'd created an app especially for their school and it was blowing up with messages.

Tamar and Timothy were about to push open the door to the court when the bell rang, it was time for their break.

Tamar cringed when she saw another message pop up on her screen, the message was enquiring if everyone had seen how caring Ivan was to Janelle and how he carried her like a princess and hashtagged it relationship goals.

She shoved her phone into her pocket and went to the locker room with Timothy.

She went to Saida's locker while Timothy went to Ivan's.

Tamar tried to remember what her pin was, she tried the first four digits that came to her mind, it was incorrect.

She had two more tries. She tried again. It was incorrect.

She thought about it for a little while longer. Cause once the three tries have been exhausted, it would demand a fingerprint. It was a nice upgrade to the school's system but it had upped their school fees a little.

She inputted the last four digits of Saida's phone number and it unlocked. Tamar rolled her eyes.

She pulled it open. Saida still had the picture they'd taken together on picture day in their 8th grade. They were smartly dressed in their uniforms.

Ivan had knocked out a front tooth which he did well to hide in the school picture but he'd lost guard and laughed just as the camera clicked this picture. They all had bright smiles.

She said a quick prayer of thanks to God as she slammed the locker shut that uniforms were for students from the first grade up to tenth. Eleventh and twelfth got to dress however they wanted.

She strolled to her locker, avoiding other people standing around.

She grabbed her bag and shut it. She ignored the side glances and walked to Ivan's locker.

Timothy shuffled anxiously and stuffed the tiny bag in his pocket.

Tamar didn't need to know what he'd just found in Ivan's locker.

He locked it and they walked out together. Hanging a bag on each shoulder.

Just as they stepped into the cafeteria and were about to sit down and enjoy the remaining ten minutes of their break the principal's voice came through the speakers.

"Mister Timothy Brown and Miss Tamar Hills see me in my office as soon as the break is over."

They felt eyes fall on them and follow their every lead.

"Ugh, screw it." Timothy said. He grabbed their lunch and Tamar followed him.

They went out to the field. Tamar waved at a few students. Timothy placed their food on the grass and sat under the tree. Tamar joined him and grabbed her food.

"Teenagers will never change, will they?" Tamar asked.

"I doubt. We'll always be curious and stubborn." Timothy said, taking a bite of his toast.

"Sometimes, I just wish it was different you know. Like in a world where we all genuinely cared and supported each other." Tamar said, gulping down her juice.

"I'm not the right kind of high for this conversation to give you my deep replies," Tamar laughed and shoved him.

"But yeah, I think we're way past that now. Whether we want to believe it or not, we don't really know the ones we love. We don't know their true fears or deepest desires only what they choose to show us." Timothy said, his mind mulling over what he had seen in Ivan's locker.

After their visit to the principal's office, the rest of their day went by in a blur.

They'd missed two classes and attended the last one. Tamar and Timothy had exchanged seats so they could sit together.

"How's she?" Timothy asked.

Tamar turned her screen towards him so he could see the picture Saida sent.

Ivan and Janelle were asleep on her bed. His arm wrapped around her.

"Sai said he fell asleep while they were talking." Tamar said, just as she was about to tease them the bell rang.

They got up at once. Tamar almost forgot her bag, she put both on the same shoulder.

They walked amongst the crowd, trying not to get stepped on or pushed.

They finally made it outside.

"Sai said the driver is on his way." She said.

They made their way to their usual bench and plopped down. Just as she was about to rest her eyes Patricia approached them.

"Uhm, hi guys. I just wanted to know how Janelle's doing. I heard what happened."

"Hey Pat. Thanks for asking, she's doing okay." Timothy said, flashing her a smile. She blushed and nodded.

Tamar elbowed Timothy, that the driver had arrived. Plus, she didn't like him being too friendly with other girls.

"Yeah, we'll tell her you sent your regards." Tamar said as she dragged Timothy away.

They got into the car and Timothy tried to hide his smile, knowing she was definitely into him. He just had to propose at the right time.

Tamar had fallen asleep. Timothy was left with the faint sound of Frank Sinatra's music, one of his Dad's favorites.

He watched as the buildings flew past him in a blur. He remembered when that used to fascinate him so much that he'd tell his dad to drive faster while he stared out the window.

They arrived at the house. He got out and went to Tamar's side. The driver helped him carry the bags.

As he was about to carry Tamar, she stirred and opened her eyes.

"Boy, what do you think you're doing?" Tamar asked, switching her accent again.

"Unless you want me to step on your head, you better move." Tamar said.

"I have some ideas but it doesn't involve stepping." Timothy teased. He moved back before she could shove him.

She laughed and shook her head.

Timothy thanked the driver and he tipped his cap in response.

He closed the door and latched it.

"Hey guys. How was school?" They whipped around to see Janelle's aunt, Marian standing in the kitchen.

"Why are you still here?" Tamar blurted out. Timothy shoved the bags at her.

"What she means is why aren't you at work?" Timothy asked.

"I want to make sure she's okay. She didn't look so good when Ivan carried her in." Marian said, her brows furrowed. She stirred something in the pot.

"You know I came in here with them too Aunty." Saida said, making her way into the room.

"Right, Saida came in carrying her bag." Marian teased. They laughed.

"Is that your delicious chicken soup?" Timothy asked. Barely able to contain his excitement.

Marian grinned, "Good thing I made extra."

Tamar and Timothy went into Janelle's room to check on her. They were still asleep in their sportswear.

Marian walked in and sat on a chair, "I think you can still make it to work. We're all here now. If anything happens we'll let you know."

She got up and touched Janelle, her temperature had gone down.

"Well, she looks okay now. Maybe I could go in for a few hours."

Marian said, "Please keep me up to date."

"We will." They chorused. She smiled and went to her room to get ready.

Tamar and Timothy made themselves comfortable on the couch.

Saida had already changed so she laid down on the carpet.

"Okay, I'll see you guys later." Marian said.

They murmured their goodbyes.

Tamar curled up to Timothy and she put his arm around her.

A few minutes later, they were all asleep.

He was dressed in a police uniform, grinning at something that was said. His grin froze as a tear slid down his face, his body was no longer there. All that was left was his head. Blood, and water dripping at the same time.

His head hit the ground the same time that a long bone that looked oddly like a spinal cord landed in front of the cop that was close to him.

His head looked down in disbelief. He reached for his gun so did the others before they could bring it out, their bodies were gone too leaving their heads and their spinal cords.

The last cop blindly pointed his gun into the air. His face contorted in pain, his eyes wide in fear. His head flew into the car and his spine fell with the others.

Janelle shot out of bed, scaring Ivan out of his sleep. He grabbed onto the headboard to avoid falling off the bed.

Janelle's heart rate quickened. So many questions running through her head.

She didn't feel Ivan shake her or ask her what was going on. She just sat, transfixed.

What had she just seen? She hadn't watched horror movies in a week. So what was that?

Slowly, her heart rate went back to the normal 60 to 100 beats per minute.

Ivan was still shaking her.

"Ivan!" She yelled, causing Tamar to stir in Timothy's arms.

Ivan touched her face and looked into her eyes.

"Are you okay? Did you have a nightmare or something?" He asked, genuinely concerned.

She averted her gaze and he released her face, scratching his eyebrow sheepishly.

"Uhm, it was nothing." She said, trying to convince him as much as she was trying to convince herself.

She moved to get off the bed and he pulled her back.

"Please. Tell me what's going on."

Janelle sighed, before she could utter a word they heard something crash outside.

Janelle used that as a cue to get up and run out.

Saida was picking up shards of a bowl.

"Are you okay?" Janelle asked. Saida smiled sheepishly.

"I'm sorry. It slipped." She said.

"It's okay. I'll get a mop." Janelle said. Ivan came out then.

He helped her pick what was left of the bowl.

Saida came from a wealthy family, they literally and figuratively lived in wealth but despite all they had they were very humble people and she was no different.

Ivan came from a bourgeoise family. His mom was currently the provider of the family since his dad had been involved in a car accident.

It hadn't been too bad but they requested he lay off everything so his hip could heal.

Tamar and Timothy's families were well on their own.

Janelle's only source of income came from Marian who worked as a nurse at one of the most frequented hospitals, the pay was good so she stuck with it.

Janelle refused to give her the mop. It was her house, she wasn't brought up to let visitors handle any duties.

Ivan switched on the TV and carefully inserted his flash drive to the back.

"What woke you?" Janelle asked as Saida made another bowl of cereal.

"You know I'm a light sleeper, some commotion from outside woke me." She said, taking a spoonful.

"How are you feeling?" Saida asked, moving towards her.

Janelle rested the handle of the mop on the wall and stood there.

"I'm okay I guess."

"You really scared us though. Please don't do that again."

Janelle nodded and smiled.

Saida put a spoon of cereal close to Janelle's mouth and she opened up, licking the spoon clean.

She noticed that she'd applied some eyeshadow and drawn little hearts under her left eye.

Saida kissed her forehead and went to take a seat in the living room.

Ivan got up to search for his phone. He walked past the kitchen, Janelle was stirring the soup, probably hitting it up he thought.

He went into her room, Tamar and Timothy were still asleep. He grabbed his phone and took a picture of them. It was going to come in handy.

He chuckled as he walked away.

"What did you do?" Janelle asked as he walked into the kitchen with a smile on his face. He grabbed a bowl and set it down waiting for her to dish.

He showed her the picture he'd taken and she smiled, gushing over it.

They heard Saida laugh and they looked up. Ivan had decided to play Fresh Prince of Bel-Air again. He just never got tired and partially because Janelle adored the show.

"Uhh, dang!" Ivan said, pulling at the front of his hair. She'd liked it so much when he dyed the tips grey and left the bottom his natural color.

He swiped through the trends, he had at least four videos to make for Tik Tok.

"Everything okay?" Janelle asked, dishing some soup.

They all knew that Ivan was the king of consistency and even a slight miss threw him off balance.

"I've got videos to make."

Janelle caught herself before she rolled her eyes. She wasn't really a big fan of social media. She'd only created accounts so she could keep up with the lives of celebrities.

Ivan was basically the star of the group. He had more eyebrows than she'd ever seen on anyone.

His brown eyes gave him a warm look amidst his sharp features, a penciled nose, and a chiseled jaw that was complimented nicely with a pair of pink lips that now looked a little dry. He must've forgotten his chapet, she thought.

His features made him one of those guys on Tik Tok and other media accounts who'd just smile, lick their lips and wink and boom, thousands of likes and follows.

Timothy was trying to make his presence known on Instagram as a model.

He had impeccable style, truth be told, there was nothing that he wore that didn't suit him. He had even made cornrows once.

He'd been serious eye candy.

You could classify him among the beautiful African American boys with a mix of Asian blood. His mom is black and his dad is Asian.

He and Saida related on a deeper level. Her dad is Asian and her mom is American.

Saida was just like Janelle in the social media aspect, but she'd always wanted to get a role in a movie or TV series.

She was hoping that one day her videos would get to the right person despite her 15,000 followers. Then she'd finally be able to ditch school.

Tamar was doing well too. She'd garnered close to 11,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter with her poetry and spoken words.

She'd gotten to do collaborations with top poets but the one that she is really excited to do is the one with Miles Carter.

He'd hit her up a while back, showering her with compliments and now they were on their way to their own collaboration.

Ivan had taken his soup and gone to join Saida. Janelle grabbed a spoon, as she was about to walk out she felt the air split and suddenly become hot.

She rubbed her forehead and looked behind her, there was nothing there. The heat had passed and the air around her was cool again.

She shook the feeling off and went to join them. Ten minutes into another episode, Timothy came out.

Ivan turned to look at him, the soup seeped down his chin and dropped back into the bowl.

Janelle looked at him and laughed, "My exact reaction but in my mind. Will is crazy!" She said, taking another spoon.

When he didn't reply or smile she looked behind her. She saw Timothy covered in blood. She shot up, the bowl landing on the ground.

It caught Saida's attention and Ivan snapped out of his daze.

"Tim, what...what happened?" Saida asked.

Ivan pushed past him and the others followed.

They found Tamar's head sitting in the position she had laid in with Timothy.

Saida's screams were joined by Janelle's.

"No! It's not possible! It was only a nightmare!" Janelle said over and over again.

They went back out and asked Timothy what had happened but he just stood in the same spot, transfixed.

They paced around. Timothy barely moved an inch. The one question that was on their minds, did Tim kill Tamar?

Saida yelled at him to tell them what happened.

As he opened his mouth to speak no sound came out.

It all happened so quickly, one minute his body was there and the next it was gone.

They watched as his head rolled down the floorboard toward the couch. Saida's high-pitched screams came to life as his spinal cord hit the floor.

They got up and ran out of the house. It was already starting to get late.

"Ivan! Is your phone still with you? Call the police or something!" Saida yelled as Janelle paced up and down.

Her mind was a jumbled mess. She just witnessed her friends' murders.

"It was just a nightmare you know." Janelle said, she laughed dryly and clasped her hands together.

"What just happened to...them...our friends happened to some people from my dream." Janelle narrated hysterically.

"And you're just saying this now?"

"I didn't think it meant anything." Janelle said, rubbing her hands over her face.

"What happened in the...dream or nightmare or whatever you saw?"

"Those men died just the way they did but...there was nobody there. I didn't see anybody do it. It just happened."

They were currently in the middle of the road without a single thought on what to do.

"Ivan? Did it go? What did they say?" Saida asked. Her heartbeat accelerating with each passing second.

"They're currently booked with some situations happening downtown but they said they'll make it here as soon as they can." Ivan said, fear taking over his whole body.

"What are we going to do now? We can't just stand out here. What about your parents?" Janelle said.

A car drove towards where they were standing. They moved to the other side of the road and the car parked opposite them.

Marian jumped out, her hair looked a mess, her uniform was slightly torn with some red stains on it.

She ran towards them.

"I'm glad you guys are okay!" She said, frantically. She looked at each one of them for injuries.

"The city is literally on fire. They said heads and spinal cords have been turning up all over town."

They followed her as she sat on the pavement.

"They said it started with some cops." Ivan and Saida's heads shot up to look at Janelle who was now in deep thought.

"Wait a minute. Where's Tam Tam and Tim?" Marian asked, dread filling her.

Ivan and Saida shook their heads.

" that why you're outside?" She asked.

"Yes. We still can't comprehend anything that happened in there."

Tears slid down Marian's cheeks.

"Do they even know what it is?" Janelle asked suddenly.

Marian sniffled, "The cop who survived the attack said he didn't see anything. That it was as though whatever killed them was...invisible."

"What does it want?" She asked, more to herself than to them.

"Everyone has a motive right?" Janelle said, trying to quail the fear in her. If she was going to do this, she needed to get rid of the fear.

"You can't be serious!" Marian yelled after Janelle had told them what she wanted to do.

Saida sat on the concrete. The street light illuminating her features and casting shadows.

Ivan shook his head, "I can't imagine myself going back in there."

"Look, guys. It's not..." Janelle's voice faded as she felt the air tense. Fear slowly crept up her body, making her heart beat faster.

"It's here." She managed to say. They all scrambled to their feet.

A series of questions were thrown at her.

"I felt this same tension in the air before our friends were...killed." She answered after a while.

A loud crash came from the house behind them. They all shrieked and moved back.

" in there?" Saida whispered.

All they could see in the darkness was the silhouette of the house.

Janelle pulled her thoughts together and ran across the street and into the house, they'd left the door open in their state of panic.

They called after her frantically.

Marian ran after her. Saida and Ivan held onto each other and prayed that it wouldn't be their heads next.

Janelle tried to keep her head up to avoid any more sighting of the heads.

She entered her room with a sinking pit of fear and disgust at a buzzing sound, flies had managed to get in and were now hovering over Tamar's head.

She searched her drawer, pushing her clothes aside. She found it. Something her grandmother had left her when she visited last.

She came out of her room just as she heard Marian cuss.

It was then she looked down. There was blood on the couch and the point where it had rolled from. They could only get a view of the back of Timothy's head which Janelle was grateful for.

"Let's go." Janelle said, hurrying out of the house. Marian followed behind her and this time, they closed the door.

Saida and Ivan were no longer standing where they left them.

"Guys!" Janelle yelled. Almost paralyzed by fear. This wasn't how she wanted to spend weeks leading up to her birthday.

A loud scream came from down the street. Janelle and Marian made eye contact.

" you still feel it?" Marian asked.

"No. I think it's gone."

They walked a little faster, letting the bright streetlights guide them.

Another scream but this time louder.

They saw someone dash onto the street.

"Saida! Saida, God. Please don't scare us like that!" Janelle said, running to the figure.

When she touched her, the figure jumped back. It wasn't Saida, they were about the same height but it wasn't her.

"All our neighbors are dead. All...all that's left is just heads and spines." She rambled frantically.

She looked to be about the same age. Even with minimum lighting, Janelle could see how pale she looked.

"I never should have come here." She said over and over again.

Marian looked around and tried calling out to Saida and Ivan.

The girl started crying all of a sudden and Janelle awkwardly pulled her into an embrace.

"J!" She heard Ivan call out.

She released her.

"Did you hear that? It was from Ivan." Janelle said, relief flushing through her.

Marian moved closer to Janelle and held onto her arm.

"Jan, I didn't hear anything. Are you sure?"

"I did." She answered, prying her arm free.

"Please Jan don't go any further. I don't want to lose you." Marian's voice cracked at the end making Janelle stop in her tracks.

Just then they heard footsteps approach them. Marian sighed in relief.

"Where were you guys?!" Marian asked, still a little flustered.

"We heard someone call for help." Saida said.

"There you are!" Ivan said, relaxing a little.

Janelle turned to look at the girl she'd hugged earlier.

"You know her?"

"Yeah, she asked us to help check if anyone else was alive." He replied.

"Well, did you find anyone left?" Marian asked.

"So this...thing, we can't see it but it can see and attack us?"

"I don't get it either. Is this some kind of rapture?" Ivan asked.

"I don't think it'd be this gruesome." Saida replied, resting her hands on her knees.

"Can you smell that?" The girl said all of a sudden.

They all looked at her puzzled. She started making her way down.

Ivan was the first to follow and slowly they all followed.

"Should we trust her? We don't even know her name."

"My name is Abigail. I'm part Haitian, part Yoruba and part American." She answered.

"Why are you so pale though?" Ivan asked.

"I'd attribute it to the strong American genes."

She stopped.

Suddenly the door to the house on the left opened. A woman stood there.

"Come on! We're the only ones left alive. We could hide in here." She hurriedly said.

Abigail walked to the house.

"Are you a Christian?" The woman asked.

"No. Why?" Abigail answered.

A smile beamed on the woman's face as she welcomed Abigail in.

"What about you guys?"

"We're all Christians." Marian replied, eying the woman suspiciously.

"Well, you'll have to denounce your faith to be allowed in here."

Marian scoffed, "not going to happen." The door slammed.

They all stood there shocked.

"So we have to be non-believers to get into a house that we're not even sure is safe?" Saida questioned.

The door opened again and Abigail came out, eating a slice of pizza.

"They didn't let me bring for you guys but we could share this one."

They declined.

"Should we keep walking?" Ivan asked.

They nodded and kept moving. Janelle noticed movement from the corner of her eye.

Suddenly the door swung open.

A tall guy, a little above their age was standing there, staring at them.

"Are you guys coming or not?" They walked up to the house.

"Wait! That house has a sign of ibí." Abigail said.

"What? What's that?" Saida asked.

"Darkness. Something's not right about it."

Janelle felt the tension in the air.

"It's back." She said the same time the guy did.

"This house has protection. You'll be safe here."

Janelle ran towards the house and they followed her.

"You're all Christians right?" He asked and they nodded.

"Abigail! Come on." Ivan beckoned.

"I have to close the door now." The guy said.

"I can't." Abigail said sadly.

Just as she moved her hand to wave, her body disappeared and her head dropped. The guy slammed the door shut.

Her bones hit the ground a few seconds later.

"You felt it when it was coming. Do you know what it is?" Janelle questioned.

"Well, all I know is that it carries out the biddings of the great evil."

"What do you mean it's for extra protection?! I thought you were grounded in your faith." They heard a man's voice yell followed by a woman's telling him to keep his voice down.

"Guys. We have guests." The guy said.

"I'm Adam by the way." Before they could introduce themselves the people came in, hot in anger.

"Meet my parents. Mr and..." The man cut Adam off.

"Did you know your mother had requested powers from a witch? Did you know that she didn't even believe that God could protect us?" He said.

"It's just a little extra protection. See now that disgusting monster can't get in here."

"You've seen it?" They asked at the same time.

"But mom you know that this thing is after those with dark hearts and bad intentions! You just endangered all our lives." Adam said.

Before she could reply they heard the floorboard creak and they slowly turned around.

Adam and Janelle felt hot air then.

"It's here."

The woman was about to conjure a spell, suddenly her body was torn away from her head. All they saw was the back of her head with blood dripping from it.

Janelle reached for the bottle she grabbed from her drawer.

"Looking for this?" They had a deep voice say.

She saw the bottle dangle in the air.

"Show yourself." Adam yelled.

A cloak that was once white but now torn and burnt came into view. Slowly, it turned to face them.

They all stood there, crippled in fear.

It was like nothing they had ever seen before.

It was a tall creature, it had a short neck and a wide rib cage that had a hole in the center, it was flaming red.

It had a face with no eyes or nose two dots on either side of its face and big lips covered in scales and something green.

Ivan held the urge to throw up.

"I've waited for this for over fifty years." Silence filled the room, they were unable to conjure a thought.

"This is where you ask me what." It said, slime dripping from the sides of its mouth. Its arms were completely covered by the cloak so was the rest of its body.

"Oh well, I've waited years to rid the world of all evil. This place would be better without everyone having thoughts of hate and wrong desires."

"The question now you all survive? I wiped out a whole town cause no one was worthy of being saved."

Just then Ivan's head hit the ground and they watched as it swallowed him whole and brought out his spinal cord. He licked it and threw it on the floor.

It took another body and when Janelle returned her gaze back to it, it handed her her aunt's head.

Janelle's heart sank as blood from Marian's head dripped down her fingers and onto the floor.

She stood there, looking at Marian's curly hair, unable to comprehend anything.

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