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The terrors of Halloween night

The year was 2007. It was Halloween. That day my family and I went to Oklahoma City because my mom had an old friend that she just had to go see. We had decided that while we were up there that we would take my little sister and her friend trick or treating up there. They were having a huge kind of festival with hundreds of people out in the streets giving candy to little kids and letting the kids go trick or treating in the stores and places alike. After about a half hour of walking around I got this feeling. It was a strange feeling like you know someone is watching you. I shrugged it off and took a few more steps and felt someone tug on my coat. All the sudden my breath left me and a fear shivered its way all down my spine. I turned around slowly to see who or what it was. It was my little sister she had dropped some candy and fell behind as she was picking it up. A sigh of relief left me and I waited for her and we went on about our way. Then after about another hour or so the streets were mostly empty except for a few people and us, I got the same feeling again. I tried to shrug it off but you know how it is, its Halloween, supposedly the scariest night of the year, and I just couldn’t escape the feeling that someone was watching me. I look ahead and see that my mom, sister and her friend are ahead of me still trick or treating so I walk forward a little bit and then I feel a nudge on my shoulder. I freeze. This time it wasn’t my sister or her friend or my mom for they were in front of me still about another couple fifty feet or so. So I keep walking and I feel this time someone yank on my coat. I freeze. Staring at my family in front of me I start to turn around very slowly to see who it was and as I turned around completely I see no one is there, not a soul. No cars nothing. Just street signs and street lights. So I turn back around and start back to my family. As I was walking I notice on the other side of the street a shadow sprints by but I couldn’t make out who or what but it was enough to make me walk faster until I reached the security of my family. As we left the festival since it was nearly over we talked about going home but my sister and her friend still wanted to trick or treat so my mom gives in and says to me take the girls down this residential street while she goes and gets the car and she’ll meet us at the end of the street, pick us up and then we’ll all go home. My sister and her friend agree and I already wanting to leave decides to take them anyway since the streets were very bright and very well lit and I noticed a police car around the corner so I figured no one would be dumb enough to play any more pranks on me or us. So we start walking. We stop at the first house, my sister and her friend yell “trick or treat” and the couple gives them loads of candy along with complimenting them on their costumes and how adorable they look and how them hope to have kids someday. As they shut the door and we had walked off I sighed under my breathe “newlyweds” and we started up the drive way to the next house. The girls yelled “trick or treat” and again loads of candy and compliments. We did this again and again all the way up to the 13th house and I knew it being the 13th house insisted it was time to go but no they wanted to go to one more house and of all houses it had to be this one. You see all the other houses on this street were very nice large brick houses and very well maintained but this house was old and falling apart leaves were not raked and all the plants were dead. I insisted it was time to go but just one more house they said so I looked up and saw my mom in the car at the end of the road, she rolls down the window and asks if everything was okay. I replied with a yes and we crossed the street and I see two headlights coming toward us. He waved us on and so I waved and he waved back and rolled down his window and said “Happy Halloween. There are a lot of weird people running around out here so be safe.” I grinned and waved as I watched him drive a little ways and pull into his driveway. A house we had went to earlier but no one was home so I said “hey what about that house? The owner is home now and he seems like a pretty nice guy” but no, this house. As we walked up the steps I remember hearing the leaves all of the sudden start to rustle and the gate slamming shut. A little spooked we walk a little quicker up to the door and rang the doorbell. Nothing, no one came. So we ring it again and at that very instant the lights go out all across the street pitch black. No one came and I started to get that feeling again and this time it was real hard to shrug it off. We rang the doorbell again and this time the street light were my mom was parked started to flicker before turning on. My mom was gone. The car was there but she was not. Starting to panic we race down the steps and bust through the gate and out into the street where screams “Ah” as she jumps out from behind the trees and scares the crap out of us. She laughing and laughing looks at me says “I just had to do it” but she too didn’t know why all the street lights went out and why the one around her car came back on but she knew I was ready to go and a little spooked and she just couldn’t resist this opportunity and she being the practical jokester that she was I should have known she would have anyway. After her laughter died another light this time at the end of the road on the other side flickered but never came on. She too now was getting a little spooked and decided this was enough fun for today and it was time to go and this time no body complained. We got inside the car and left. Before we got on the freeway we decided to stop at Burger King and get something to eat. As we were eating inside I once again get this feeling but this time it wasn’t a feeling I could see someone out there about a couple hundred feet ahead watching me very closely. I rub my eyes and look away and look back and he’s still there but a little closer this time but not enough to see who it was. I leaned over to my mom and told her to look outside and of course she sees nothing. I tell her about the festival and how I felt like someone was following me and then about how the lights went out while we were trick or treating. She claims at first its all in your imagination then stops and thinks and then replies “well this is Halloween and there is always someone out there trying to play pranks on people and to think nothing of it” say I say “ok” and continue eating my burger and then I look up and there he is again and this time like earlier at the festival I see him sprint away in the shadows and this time she sees it too and agrees this time it really was time to go. When we were on the freeway I notice no other cars were around and I look out the mirrors and see another cars headlights in the distance so no alarm. Until I had noticed this car seemed like it was following us, every lane change and every turn. By about twenty minutes later he switches lanes drives right up next to us side by side and was keeping up with us for a good ten minutes. Everybody started to get scared, and as we was driving I look into the car and I see a man driving for sure and as he turned his head sideways at us he was wearing a mask staring right at us intently not even looking at the road. I look ahead but see out of the corner of my eye he was still staring at us but I remembered I had seen that same car earlier but I couldn’t quite remember where until I remembered that same car had drove past us on the street that I waved to and he waving back and saying happy Halloween when we was at that spooky house. This was same the car, so I look back to see him staring eye to eye with me and me trying to remember what he had looked like earlier when he waved to me and something I could remember about him like what he was wearing or something but I couldn’t remember seeing anything for it was too dark and I never got a good look at him earlier and never even gave it a second thought at the time, he seemed harmless. So again I looked ahead still seeing him out of the corner of my eye still watching me and staring intently for another five minutes or so. Again I look back at him and this time he looked ahead, took a highway exit and drove off. Never saw him again. To break the silence I decided to switch on the radio only to hear the last few words of a song which went “Hell is empty, the devils are here.” I quickly shut off the radio and we drove in silence all the rest of the way.

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