Makai: Versus Road

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"Welcome to Makai: Versus Road, What do you desire? Fame, Fortune, Love, any of your desire will be granted if you play the game!" --------------------- Miu Nanase's life wasn't easy for her, Her mother died from an illness and her father died from a plane crash and had to live with her uncle and aunt until she goes to college. Miu, a 19-year-old college student who tired of her daily life and wants something new, when she heard a game called Makai: Versus Road, a popular mobile app game that rank #1 in gaming but little did she known it is not normal. Miu was put in a game like a world when she meets an A.I named Jewel who tells her that she can be granted her every wish and desire if she plays the game of Makai: Versus Road.

Horror / Thriller
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Welcome to Makai: Versus Road

'Hey did you hear about that new game that everyone is talking?′

‘You mean Makai: Versus Road.’

’Yea that game!”

‘Oh, I heard about that game, it is the Number 1 most popular app in gaming’

‘Yea people are already playing, they said when you download the app and you play the game it will grant of your desire.’


A young female with sliver hair tie into a bun heard two high school girls talking about Makai: Versus Road, that popular mobile game that became number 1 in gaming. She sighed as she waits for a friend, she wore a black long sleeves shirt with a black and gray plaid skirt and black boots, she looks out of the window of the café with her blue and green eyes. She drinks her coffee as she still people talking about Makai: Versus Road “What so great about that game?”

“Damn Mi-Chan what made you upset today?” spoke a young male with short messy dark violet hair wearing a black t-shirt with four saint beast on it and black sweat jacket, black jeans, and brown boots, he sat in front of her and look at her with blue eyes “Mi-Chan!” She ignored him as he sighed “Miu?”

“Yes!” Miu smiled at him “What is it Hiroki?”

“Oh, you did that on purpose, did you Mi-chan? Hiroki sighed as he pouts “You hate it when I called you Mi-chan.”

“No, I did that because you were 10 minutes late Hiroki.” Miu sighed as she drinks her coffee

“Ok then tell me why are you upset?” Hiroko sighed as he heard the conversation and smirks “Oh! This is about that game everyone talking about huh?”

“Makai: Versus Road.” Miu rubs her head as she crossed her arms “Why is everyone talking about this game?”

“Well, it most talk about Mi-chan.” Hiroki smirks at her; he ordered coffee and pull his phone out and show her the app of his phone “I already download the game but I haven’t yet.”

“Why?” Miu asked him

“Well, I was hoping that we can play together Mi-chan.” Hiroki smiled as the waiter bring his coffee; Hiroki thank him and drinks his coffee “Besides your desire will be granted, you can wish your parent back.”

“Hiro-chan please!” Miu sighed, her life wasn’t easy for her ever since her parent’s death. People make fun of her and she has to live with her uncle and aunt until she goes to college, Hiroki is her childhood friend, he been by her side and promises to be there for her.

“I know Mi-chan.” Hiroki give her a head pat “I know that not you want but you will play with me, right?”

Miu blushed lightly and smack his hand away “Ok fine I’ll play the game.” Hiroki smiled happily and hugs Miu as she punches him the guts “Don’t hug me dumbass.”

“O...ok.” Hiroki holds his belly and sat down.

After Miu returns to her apartment, Miu sat on the couch and pulls out her phone, she went to the app store and type Makai: Versus Road as she presses download, while she waits for it to download, she got a text from Hiroki

To: Mi-Chan

From: Hiro-chan

Hey, did you download the game?

Miu sighed as she texts him back

To: Hiro-chan

From: Mi-Chan

Yea I did down the game so shut up.

Miu look to see is the game was done downloading, the app appears on her as she presses the app. The title screen appears ‘Welcome to Makai: Versus Road! Miu Nanase’. She was shocked to find that this game knew her name “What the Fuck?” Her phone started to glow and a light shines around her, Miu covers her eyes.

“Mi-Chan!” Miu heard a familiar voice as she opens her eyes to see Hiroki “Thank god!” Hiroki sighed of relief as he helps her up

Miu look around as she realizes that she not in her apartment but a game-like world, she started to panic before asking Hiroki “Where are we, Hiro?”

“I think we are in Makai: Versus Road, Mi-Chan” Hiroki look at his phone and try to call his mother but no avail

“Hello and Welcome to Makai: Versus Road.” A young female with long violet hair with red ribbon wearing a white dress shirt with red bow tie, black skirt and black jacket black shoes holding a rod in her hand, she looks at Miu and Hiroki with a smile “I’m glad that you are here Miu Nanase and Hiroki Sakuraba, My name is Jewel I’m AI of Makai: Versus Road.”

“Ok first, how the hell you know our name and second, why the fuck are we here?” Hiroki asked her

Jewel smiled as she claps her hand together “To play the game of course.” Jewel points her rod at them “You two were chosen to enter the world of Makai.”

“WHAT THE HELL?” Miu yelled in anger

“Is this some kind of joke?” Hiroki asked

“Nope, it real!” Jewel smiled happily as she pulls out two contract paper “Now since that you are here, what do you desire?”

“What we desire?” Miu asked in a confused tone

“Yes, your desire! the one thing that you want the most.” Jewel smiled “It could be Fame, Fortune, Love, anything that you want just sighed the contract.”

Hiroki and Miu were confused but they sign the contract and their desire, Jewel smiled as the contracts disappear and hold their hand “Contract have been signed.” She snaps her finger as both Miu and Hiroki started to get dizzy “Welcome to Maki: Versus Road, Player!” Miu and Hiroki passed out as Jewel smiled down at them “Oh, I forgot to tell them that there Phantom here, oh well!”

Soon after, Miu woke up as she rubs her head, groaning in pain. She looks around as she was back of her apartment, she got up and sighed “What the hell was that?” She got up and walks outside but she was not in her world but the world of Makai, her eyes widen as she started to panic “No way!” She rushes downstairs as she runs around the town not seeing anyone at sight “WHAT THE HELL IN GOING ON?”

“MI-CHAN!” Miu sees Hiroki running to her as he breathes heavily “Mi-chan something is going on?

“I know Hiro!” said Miu with a serious tone in her, checking her phone and try to call her aunt but didn’t work “Damn it, I can’t get a hold of my aunt.”

“I trying to call my dad but no avail.” Hiroki sighed “I can’t believe this; we are stuck here.”

Miu and Hiroki sighed until they hear a noise, they turn around a bug like demon walking toward them. Hiroki grabs Miu’s hand and started to run away from it but a bug-demon chase after them. Miu and Hiroki ran faster as they try to get away.


“I DON’T KNOW!” Hiroki yelled as he still running while holding her hand

They turn right to the alleyway but it was a dead-end, the bug-demon counters them. Miu and Hiroki started to panic as it gets closer to them, they both closed their eyes until they hear a voice “Sapphire Bullet: Ice Shot!” A gun goes off as the blue bullet goes the bug-demon head as it freezes up and shattered into pieces. Miu and Hiroki open their eyes and sees bug-demon gone. A young female with long black hair wearing a gray shirt, black short, red glasses, and black high heels; she had a gun in her hand as she looks at Miu and Hiroki with blue eyes “Hey! You two ok?”

“Yea.” Miu nods her head

“What was that thing?” Hiroki asked her

“They’re known as Phantom, their demons like monsters who live Makai.” The black-haired female spoke in a calm tone in her voice “You guys should be careful because if you kill by them then you will die in real life.”

‘We’ll die in real life if we die in Makai: Versus Road.’ Miu thought to herself

“Umm... May we asked who you are?” Hiroki asked

The black-haired female smiled at them “My name is Reiko Aoba and I’m Makai Player like you two.”

Miu sighed and thought to herself‘What hell is going on?'

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