Don't Fall Asleep

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Nightmares. We all have them. They haunt us, make our worse fears come true. But at least we can avoid them by staying awake. Comas, on the other hand, leave you no option to escape your nightmares. And that's exactly what happened to Atlanta Rivera. Due to a reason doctors couldn't explain, Atlanta fell into a coma while sleeping. She went too deep into her consciousness to the point where she couldn't escape her own mind. And the things that haunted her during her coma didn't leave her when she woke up. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Amazing book cover by sociallyawkward0123)

Horror / Mystery
Mare Midnight
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Everything was still. Unmoving. Too quiet.

And it all seemed unnatural.

It was as if the universe knew that if I went to sleep, I would dream something so disturbing, my perspective on what could hide under a little, innocent bed would change forever.

The question is, what can somebody dream of that scare them so badly, they wouldn’t want to look under a bed ever again?


Hey guys!

So I had - not necessarily a nightmare - but more like a bad dream. I don’t call it a nightmare since it didn’t scare me, but it was bizarre.

Anyway, I decided it would make an interesting story. I added stuff, took stuff out, changed stuff around, and bam! It’s a story.

It’s a short story, so if your not a fan of long books or just want a scare, (or both), this book is dedicated to you.


Love you guys!

- Mare

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