In the Mind Part 2

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Chapter 2: Best Vacation Ever

Natsuki's POV

I was excited. Super excited. A year's gone by since I've seen my cousins, aunt, and uncle. Both Noah and I jumped up from our seats at the window to greet our fellow family members.

I had two cousins. One was named Damion who was a year older than Noah and me, and a cousin named Elijah who was both my and Noah's age. Excitement filled my heart as we raced to the front door of the gigantic mansion.

"Be careful children. I don't want you two to get hurt." my grandpa said while we ran past him.

"We will!" Noah replied while he reached the front door.

Quickly we opened the huge doors of the mansion and saw our family coming up the huge stone steps.

"Eli!" Noah screamed while running towards him like a maniac. His savage behavior causing me to let out a smile.

"Jesus!" Elijah said as he was attacked by Noah.

"Hey Suki!" my aunt Natalie said while walking over to me. She stroked the top of my head which made me want to purr like a cat.

"Hi aunt Natalie!" I replied as I wrapped my arms around her. I saw my uncle Jamie walk next to me and pat my shoulder.

"You've gotten taller." he said to me with a smile.

"Well what do you expect her to do? Shrink?" I heard Noah say from behind. His sarcastic joke caused me to let out a laugh.

"You and your sarcasm." Jamie said with a laugh while walking into the mansion. Natalie smiled while following Jamie inside.

"God I can't wait to come inside and feel the A.C! It's hot as shit out here." Damion said while wiping the sweat that was poring off his forehead.

"You better get used to it since you'll be spending your afterlife in hell." Elijah said with a smile. Damion looked at him with rage.

"I've punched you once today. Do you want to make it twice?" Damion asked while raising a fist.

"I thought we've been through this already. I punch like a stuffed animal, and you punch like a rubber ducky." Elijah replied with an even bigger smile on his face.

"That's it, you're gonna get it." Damion said angrily as he raised his other fist.

"Come at me!" Elijah said spreading his arms out showing his vulnerability.

"No no no! Eli! You gotta get back at him! Don't let him hit you!" Noah said grabbing him by the arm and pulling him away from Damion's reach.

"I don't care though!" Elijah, or as everyone nicknamed him Eli, said while pulling away from Noah's grasp. Noah let out a frown and chased after Eli who was walking through the huge door of the mansion.

"Noah you're so clingy!" I said with a laugh as I waited for Damion to go inside.

"I am not!" Noah said from afar as everyone walked inside, including me. I walked next to Damion who had a look of relief while inside.

"Hey!" I said to Damion with a smile. He looked over at me and smiled back.

"Hey." he said with a happy look on his face.

"Happy to see us I'm guessing?" I asked with a slight nervousness to my voice. I generally didn't get nervous, but Damion was older than me so I had this need to be up to his standards. It would've been easy, but his judgemental and jerk like behavior made it almost impossible.

"That and I'm so freaking happy to be out of that car. Oregon to Idaho is the worst car ride ever! Well, minus the scenery. That's the only good part." Damion replied while moving his backpack more on his shoulder so it stayed. I smiled and let out a small chuckle.

"Car rides can suck. But all I think of is what's at the end of the long car ride. It may suck at the moment, but at the end it'll be worth while!" I said kind of sounding like an overly faithful person. I tried to be, but sometimes it would get really hard. Especially when dad would come know what, ignore that thought.

"I wish I had that mentality. Unfortunately I only have the patience for right now. And right now I am relieved and happy. Nothing can stand in the way of that. Actually I take that back. My stupid brother can." Damion said rolling his eyes. Eli was only a few feet in front of us, so he slowly turned around and gave a confused look in spite of Damion's remark

"I'm right here dumbass!" Eli said as if Damion wasn't aware of the fact. Although everyone knew he was completely aware. Damion let out a venomous smirk and raised an eyebrow.

"What are you gonna do? Punch me with your squeaky toy fists?" Damion teased. Eli rolled his eyes and smiled.

"No. I'll use the power of my Jutsu to turn into a hot anime girl and send you running." Eli said smiling. Obviously confusing Damion with an anime reference.

I wasn't too much of an anime fan, however I'd watch an anime movie once in a while like 'Spirited Away' or 'My Neighbor Totoro'. Whenever I would say that to Eli though, he'd look at me confused and say how weird it was for a girl who had an anime like name to not really like anime. Yes. My name is in an anime game called 'Doki Doki Literature Club', but my parents didn't name me after that. My name was quite common in Japan, and my dad was Japanese so it'd makes sense if I had a Japanese name right?

"Don't tell me that's another anime reference." Damion said flatly, his tone signifying he was annoyed at Eli's behavior. Eli released a mischievous smirk, making it obvious that he could care less about Damion's annoyance.

"At least I'll admit I'm in love with anime. You can't even admit the fact you have an obsession with kitten pictures." Eli said, his smug face causing Damion to fume in rage.

"Well I'm sorry for enjoying kittens playing with balls of yarn. That's better than having a crush on a cartoon character." Damion said with anger showing in his voice. The feud that went on between the two brothers honestly amused me, however sometimes I wished they could get along.

"Don't call anime a cartoon! It is more than that! And don't make fun of me for having a crush on Nezuko from Demon Slayer. She's cute and badass." Eli explained, his irritation showing through his voice. All his anime references. I felt the need to pull up google to research all his references.

"You two fight so much!" Noah said with a big grin on his face. He always found everything amusing. That and everything made him happy. He was so bubbly and happy all the time.......I wished I could be that way.

"It was his fault!" Damion said pointing at Eli. He raised an eyebrow and opened his mouth as if to object, but soon closed it.

"You know what, I'm not even gonna argue with you." Eli said while beginning to walk up the stairs of the huge mansion. Noah excitedly took the lead since he and I knew where Damion and Eli's rooms were. I stayed next to Damion so he wouldn't feel abandoned, but he ignored my presence so I continued to walk in silence.

"There are my grandsons!" our grandfather said while waddling over to where Damion and Eli were. His old age showing in his trouble to walk over to the two boys.

"Hey grandpa!" Damion said excitedly while walking over to his grandfather. His old arms shakily wrapped around Damion's shoulders while Damion quickly wrapped his arms around his grandfather's.

"I missed you son." he replied to Damion as they pulled apart from each other.

"Missed you too." Damion said with a smile.

"Eli! Come over here." our grandfather said waving his old hand in the air towards him. Eli smiled and slowly walked over to the old man.

"You've gotten bigger since I last saw you." he said while ruffling Eli's already messy hair.

"Yeah I know." Eli said nervously. The old man smiled and clumsily backed up.

"You kids can go have fun now. Stay out of trouble." he said pointing a finger at all of us.

"We won't!" I said happily as we began to walk down the hallway.

Soon enough we reached the huge room that we were supposed to share. Both Damion and Eli gazed at the gigantic room in amazement.

"This place is huge." Eli said with a smile spreading on his face.

"I'm getting rich and moving to a mansion when I'm older." Damion said while running to the beds that were each queen sized.

"This is gonna be the best vacation ever!" Eli exclaimed with both excitement and amazement, running for the beds like Damion did.

Would it?

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