In the Mind Part 2

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Chapter 3: Just a Joke

Noah's POV

My heart pounded faster than it ever did. I breathed in and out, yet the pounding never stopped it's intense beating. I didn't mind it pounding as hard as it was. It was for a good reason. My family was together. My cousin who's also my best friend in the world is here! Life couldn't get better than this!

I smiled as I took a seat on the giant bed of the room inside the mansion. Both my cousin Eli and Damion were gazing in shock and admiration while sitting on the bed.

"This is gonna be the best vacation ever!" Eli said in awe. I beamed as I looked at his amazed face.

"It gets better. Tonight for dinner, we're having like fifteen different meals. All you can choose from and have as much as you want." I replied with amazement in my voice.

"All you can eat? I'm gonna like it here." Damion said with a smirk.

"Watch it Damion, you're gonna get fat if you eat too much. Then there's no way you'll be popular." Eli teased with an evil smirk on his face. Damion looked at him with anger and rolled his eyes.

"I'm already popular dumbass. And I'm not gonna get fat because I actually work out. Unlike you who spends their free time playing weird shit like Hello Neighbor." Eli looked at Damion and smiled.

"Yet somehow I manage to stay thin. Funny how that works." Eli smartly said which caused Damion to fume.

"Oh my god you two never stop fighting!" Natsuki said while rolling her eyes. Both Eli and Damion looked at her, and immediately took in her words.

"If it weren't for him we wouldn't fight." Damion said with a nod towards his brother. Eli squinted his eyes at Damion and let out a smile.

"You're right. But at least I'll admit to my faults. Unlike some people." Eli said passive aggressively.

"You see? It never ends." Natsuki said while shaking her head.

"Whatever. Wanna explore this giant place? There's gotta be some cool stuff in here!" Damion said with a smile. I looked at him and began to smile myself.

"Yes!" I said excitedly. Natsuki nodded while Eli gave a small shrug.

"Let's do it then." Damion said while getting off the enormous bed that seemed to sink his smallish body into it. He began to walk towards the giant doors of the room while the rest of us followed, beginning the adventure of our mansion exploration.

We all walked through the long and nicely decorated mansion. I never took note of how pretty the decor was. Dark brown wood lined the sides of the walls while gold symbols painted the top and bottom. Every now and then a small chandelier would hang from the ceiling, and each time it would be a sparkling silver. The floor was blanketed with dark hard wood floors and a gold carpet on the ground that seemed to go everywhere. I looked around in amazement, taking in all the details.

"Why do you keep randomly smiling?" Damion asked, which caused me to snap out of my soothing daydream.

"Oh, I was just looking at the decor of the place and I thought it looked cool." I replied honestly. Damion gave me a confused look and released a smirk.

"You smiled because of interior design?" Eli asked from in front of me.

"Yes. I really do!" I said happily. I knew they thought it was weird that I liked that kind of stuff, but who cares? I liked what I liked and no one could stop least at first.

"You're so weird." Damion said with a laugh and continued to walk through the halls.

We reached the large living room area that was on the second floor where our parents were all talking. Well, more like my mom was talking to my aunts and uncle. If only my cousins met their uncle from my side. Or my dad. He abandoned me when I was two years old so I never got to meet him. I don't understand why parents have to make a family, then go off on their own lives. If it was never gonna work in the first place, shouldn't they have never had me? Actually, I like living. Thank you for creating me........but did you have to leave?

"Hey guys!" my mom said standing up from her sitting position. I gave a smile and waved.

"Hey aunt Amelia!" Natsuki said with a smile. My mom waved with a smile.

Her gaze shifted to Damion who's attention was entirely focused on his phone. Notification sounds rang over and over as he continued to check them. Eli slowly walked into the room and his attention was focused on his brother. A smirk spread on his face as he walked over and slapped the back of Damion's head. He looked up from his phone and slowly craned his neck to look at Eli who was still smirking.

"Oh what are you gonna do? Hit me with your Barbie phone?" Eli teased, causing Damion to run after Eli. The two ran in circles almost like a cartoon. Natsuki gave a confused look while I died from laughter.

"You'll never catch me alive!" Eli yelled with a laugh.

"Who ever said you'd be alive after this?" Damion yelled back in question. The remark made Eli's face go pale.

Eli looked at him and slowly walked backwards to where the parents were.

'I'll tell them what you said." Eli said with a smile.

"Oh so you're gonna be a Karen now?" Damion said meanly. Eli looked at him with despise and ran after him.

The two fell onto the ground and they began wrestling. I looked at them with a broad smile on my face. Despite Eli being a year younger than Damion, he was just as strong. Damion usually thought of Eli as the weaker sibling because he spends a lot of time in his room, but whenever I'm around him and he throws a playful punch or slap, it hurts. Or maybe I'm the weak one.....I don't know. Eli's strong in my opinion.

"Quit with your tiny punches!" Damion said as Eli playfully punched his side.

"I will once you stop trying to hold me back with your baby hands!" Eli said back. The two laughed as they wrestled even more.

"Hey!" I could hear my uncle Jamie yell. Both Damion and Eli stopped their wrestling to look at him.

"Do you two have to do this now?" Jamie said with irritation. The two kids got up from the ground and stood next to each other.

"Sorry." Eli said quietly while holding the back of his neck.

"If you two wanna be annoying and attempt to wrestle each other, go somewhere else. This is the adult room." Jamie said waving his hand towards the door.

"Wait. What do you mean by 'attempt' to wrestle? We can do it just fine!" Damion said confidently.

"What? Do you two actually think you can pull it off? You both punch like a girl." Jamie said. The roast made me burst into laughter, however Damion and Eli remained silent. They didn't take it as a burn.

'Let's go." Damion said coldly as they exited the room. Natsuki and I looked at each other with both concern and confusion.

"What's going on with them? It was just a burn right?" I said quietly to Natsuki.

"That's what it seemed like, but they didn't take it as that though....I mean.....I guess it's possible it could not have been, but uncle Jamie doesn't seem like the mean type......but dad doesn't seem that way either...." Natsuki trailed off and began talking to herself. The things she was saying at the end made me concerned. Natsuki's dad wasn't the bad type, he was always nice. Why would she say that?

"What do you mean by that?" I asked in curiosity. She shook her head and looked at me in shock.

"Oh my god! Did I say that out loud? Um.....forget I said anything. Anything at all!" Natsuki said and speed walked to catch up with Damion and Eli who were silent.

There's something going on behind the scenes, but I don't know what it is. Yes, I know my uncle is dealing with some things and hired my aunt and uncle to be his attorneys, but he never said why......why would Eli and Damion take a joke so seriously? There's something here that I'm missing and I need to figure it out.....badly.

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