In the Mind Part 2

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Chapter 4: One Word

Elijah's POV

I could feel the irritation boiling my blood. My mind spun from the recent insult. To both me and Damion. Look, I hated my brother sometimes, but to insult him and me like makes me want to punch him out of existence.

"Hey, are you two okay?" my cousin and best friend Noah asked. His look of concern and curiosity was tempting to make me tell him why I'm so pissed off, but I refused. I kept my mouth shut and so did Damion.

"C'mon! Why are you guys so hurt?" Noah asked. His voice whining from his deep curiosity.

"Yeah, what's wrong? It was just a roast right?" my cousin Natsuki asked. I wanted to punch the wall and then throw everything in this entire mansion out of a window. I know this mansion has to have a big ass window that you can throw king sized beds through.

"Just a roast? Pfft. If only he knew what that meant." Damion said quietly. To hear and see him conceal his anger shocked me. He was usually a ticking bomb when it came to his anger. Short fused or hot headed I guess people would say.

"What do you mean by that?" Natsuki asked in a whiny voice like Noah had done.

"Just shut up about it okay!" Damion yelled at Noah and Natsuki, then angrily walked through the hallway and into the bedroom. I knew it was only a matter of time until his fuse burnt up.

"Eli, could you tell us what's going on with you two?" Natsuki asked me. I stopped walking and remained still. I looked behind me and stared at Natsuki and Noah who were looking at me with the most curious eyes I've ever seen.

"It's nothing." I said, then I continued to walk until I reached the bedroom Damion stormed into.

We entered the room to find Damion sitting on a giant chair that sat to the left of the beds. He face was buried into his phone, his face curled in a look of despise. I don't blame him for having that look. I feel that exact way too. I love my parents, but my dad is constantly giving both Damion and me remarks like that. This cold.....empty.......just mean insult and no one thinks of it as a big deal "Oh it's just a burn!" they all say. Pft. Yeah. Just a burn. Fuck that! It's not a burn, it's an insult and he knows it. Both Damion and I know it.

"You two are such drama queens." Natsuki said as she rolled her eyes and sat on the bed.

"Shut up!" Damion said nastily. She looked at him with a hint of hurt and fear. She looked down and held her arm.

"Sorry." she said quietly. I mean, it was obvious she was joking.....and Damion's being a jerk, but for reasons of which I understand. Although Natsuki seems a little sad over someone just saying shut this how she perceives Damion and me when we got upset?

We all sat in silence for a little, until I got bored and decided to play some music. I walked over to my backpack and grabbed my speaker from the front pocket. I walked back over to the bed and laid the speaker on the soft and silky mattress and turned the Bluetooth on. As soon as it connected, I began to play some music I had downloaded on my phone.

"Before the story begins,

Is it such a sin?

For me to take what's mine?

Until the end of time.

We were more than friends,

Before the story ends,

And I will take what's mine,

Create would god would never design."

The soothing sound of M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold singing 'A Little Piece of Heaven' made me close my eyes. I mean, the song wasn't exactly soothing, but it made the tense silence better.

"What the hell is that?" Natsuki asked, looking at me with a confused and weirded out look.

"Avenged Sevenfold." I replied blankly, my eyes remained closed as I nodded my head at the beat.

"Must've stabbed her fifty fucking times!" I sung along to the song. Natsuki gave me a disgusted look.

"You're weird." Natsuki said getting up and leaving the room. What? It's just a song.

"She's not wrong." Damion said. I opened one of my eyes to see him sitting in his chair, a smirk painted on his face. I guess he's over dad's remark.

"Shut up." I coldly said. Closing my eye to continue listening to the music.

I don't know why that came out so mean. It was probably my annoyance that people were talking while I was trying to listen to the music. I hated when people did that. It's either one or the other. Talk, or take in the music. When people did both, I wanted to punch them in the face.

"Well, you can have fun. I'm gonna go and explore so more stuff." Damion said, getting up from his chair. I heard the door close, and soon a squeak of the mattress I was laying on.

"Wanna do something?" Noah asked me. I opened my eyes and paused my music. Like I said. One or the other.

"I don't know. What do you wanna do?" I asked, sitting up on the bed so I could face him. He shrugged and rubbed the back of his neck.

"I mean.....we don't have to do anything.....just.....thought maybe you'd want know....since it's our first time seeing each other in a long while." Noah nervously said. Why does he get so tense around me?

"It's fine. I'm cool with whatever you want." I said with a shrug. He nervously looked down, then towards the door. I knew what he wanted.

"Fine. We can go explore." I said with a blank face as I got off the gigantic bed.

"Yes!" Noah said happily as he jumped off the bed in excitement. I love how he enjoys the little things. That's something I am a hundred percent sure Damion could never do.

We left the giant room, and began our adventure once again. Noah led us down a hallway, and began to enter random rooms.

"You check the right room, I'll check the left." Noah happily said, his curiosity getting in the way of anything else. He skipped into another room while I began to head towards the other room.

"I hate it."

I heard a voice......a girl's voice.....I was sure of it. I glanced around the hallway, listening in to see if it was just my mind playing games on me.

"Why do you always have to do this?"

That was the voice again. The girl's voice sounded....familiar somehow. I was consumed by curiosity and confusion.

"Stop it!"

I heard the girl almost scream, but her screams were now slightly muffled. Like someone was covering her mouth. Chills ran down my spine and I froze in place. There was someone here that was in danger....but I didn't know who. Who was this girl? Why was she in this mansion? Was she hurt? What's going on?

All these questions flooded my mind, and everything became fuzzy. The girl's screams stopped. I glanced around where I stood to see if I could hear her again. Nothing.

"What the fuck?" I said under my breath in confusion.

"So how was that room? Nothing much in this one." Noah said from behind me which made me jump. I spun around to see him behind me, and my terrified heart began to beat once more when my mind comprehended it was Noah.

"You okay?" Noah asked in confusion. I looked down and sighed in relief.

"Yeah yeah. Just um....some thing I heard just a second ago kinda....freaked me out I guess." I replied honestly. Vague, but honest.

"Oh.....well.......did you check the room?" Noah said at first in a worried tone, but then his happy voice shined through his concern. I guess he wasn't too worried that I was hearing things.....or he was......and just didn't want to talk about it. Either way, it was probably just my head messing with me. Nothing more.

"Uh" I said sympathetically as I rubbed the back of my neck. He released a smirk and began to walk towards the room.

"What?" I asked him, but he remained silent while he closed his hand over the door handle.

"You're scared aren't you?" Noah said, his smirk becoming more and more evil.

"No! Like I said, I heard something and it freaked me out." I said honestly. Scared? Why would I be scared? If anyone would be scared to go in a dark room it would be him! He didn't stop having a night light in his room until about a year ago. And somehow I'm the scared one? Really Noah?

"Yep. I believe you completely." Noah said, his sarcasm making me want to punch him. Jeez, is this what it felt like to be Damion"

Suddenly the door swung open, and out came Natsuki from the room. She slid through the small crack she made through the door and quickly closed it. She looked up at both Noah and I and gave us a nervous smile.

"Um....hey." she nervously said, pulling the sleeves to her dark pink long sleeve shirt over her if someone was hiding something.

"Hey.....are you okay?" I asked in a concerned manner. Was she the one screaming? If she was then she must be hurt or something. What if she was being beat or she was being hurt and no one noticed?

"Yeah....yeah I'm fine." Natsuki replied, her body swaying back and forth, imitating she was nervous.

"Um...I'm gonna go back to the room." she said, almost running down the hallway. I looked down where she was heading, then to Noah who looked just as confused and concerned as I was.

"Do you notice something off or is it just me?" Noah asked, his happy voice turned into a serious one. Not something I usually heard.

"Yeah I notice it too. Should we go back to check on her? I mean.....she can say she's okay, but she doesn't look it." I said, my voice serious and concerned like Noah's.

"Yeah let's go." Noah said, then the two of us headed towards the room.

We entered the large bedroom to find Natsuki laying on one of the beds playing on her phone. She glanced over at us, then brought her attention back to her phone.

" okay?" Noah asked, but Natsuki didn't reply.

"Suki?" Noah asked a little louder.

"I heard you the first time, and I'm not answering because I already did." Natsuki said blankly. Dang is this 'Everyone Become Someone Else' day?

"I don't think you're okay Suki." I said to her, coming close to her so I could try and comfort her.

"I said I'm fine." Suki said kind of meanly. What is she getting irritated at?

"Suki-" I started before I was interrupted by Natsuki's explosion.

"I said I'm fine!" Natsuki screamed. Both Noah and I looked at her in shock, and were stunned in our places for a moment.

"Leave me alone." Natsuki said quietly, quickly maneuvering herself out of the bedroom.

"What the hell was that?" Noah asked in shock and concern.

"Yeah, what the hell's her problem?" I asked. I was so confused. Was she on her period? I know girls get fussy and emotional during those times. But what if she wasn't? What if something was eating at her and she's unwilling to talk or something? God this is making my head spin.

"I think we should leave her alone this time. I don't want her to get scary on me like she did you." Noah said.

"Yeah I agree." I replied, beginning to sit on the bed Natsuki was just laying on.

"Well I'm gonna go find Damion. You wanna come with?" Noah asked, but I shook my head.

"Okay. See ya later then." Noah said with a shrug, then leaving the giant room.

I sighed and laid on the bed like I did earlier. This was so weird. I know Damion and I got kind of weird and upset when dad became a jerk. But this was different with Natsuki. She was so.....aggressive and within herself. Her being like that was like Noah becoming depressed. It's nearly impossible. There was something going on with Natsuki, and I want to know what. She's hiding something.....and that was so close and so had to have been her......but why was she screaming? What was going on? All I knew was she needed to talk to someone about whatever it was......

It wouldn't hurt to say at least one word right?

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