In the Mind Part 2

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Chapter 5: Broken

Damion's POV

I walked through the hallways of the giant mansion. Curiosity flooded into me as I walked past every door. I was alone walking because everyone else was doing their own thing. Pfft. Who needs them? I can explore on my own without a bunch of little kids following me around!.......I felt a little bit alone.

I rounded a corner, and suddenly I was stopped by a head on collision with something. A statue? was softer.

"Suki?" I asked, noticing Suki on the ground after we bumped into each other. She looked up, with her eyes kinda red. She looked down and then got up from her sitting position.

"Before you ask if I'm okay, yes. I'm fine." she replied, she stood while holding her arm and continuing to look down.

"Um....okay....can I ask why your eyes are red though?" I said kinda concerned.

"Like I said, I'm fine! Why does everyone have to come at me!" Natsuki screamed. She bolted past me, and I heard a door slam......she went into a random room....

I didn't know what to think of that. Did Eli do something? No...he's too weird to make someone that upset. And Noah couldn't have done anything. He's like if happiness were a person.

Confused, I decided that I would go back to the room, hoping Eli and Noah would be there so they could tell me what was going on with Natsuki....she never acts like this.

I turned around and headed down the hallway, but I heard crying in a room that I passed. I stopped, taking in the sobs so I could know if they were fake or not.

They were real.

I walked over to the room where I heard the crying.

"Why?" I heard a voice say.

"Always happy. Hahaha!" the voice said again.

The voice shocked was Suki's.

I knew it was kind of an invasion of privacy, but I had no choice. I opened the door, but the sight I saw made chills run down my spine. I was consumed in shock, concern, and an emotion that I don't even know what it was.

Natsuki stared at me. The sleeve to her shirt was pulled up, and scars and cuts covered her entire arm to the point I could barley see her skin. Blood ran down her arm from ones that were recently made. She held a small pocket knife, the entire blade drenched with her blood. I felt like I was gonna pass out.

She quickly pulled down the sleeve to her shirt and put the knife in her pocket. She looked at me with both sadness and fear.

"Please don't tell. I'm begging you. I will literally do anything if you don't say anything. Especially to dad....please. Please!" she was on her knees. Tears rolled down her face as she pleaded.

This was a lot worse than I thought.

"Natsuki what's going on?" I asked as I closed the door, sitting on the cold tile of the bathroom she was in.

" wouldn't be able to understand. It-it.....I.....I can't explain it." she said as she continued to cry, her face buried in her hands.

"I'm so sorry. I'm being so selfish, you should've never known about this. I'm sorry." she said while crying.

"Selfish? How is telling someone that something is obviously wrong with you selfish? If something is wrong, you need to say something about it! Especially when your arm looks like a lion used it as a scratching post!" I said to her. I know I sounded kind of mean, but I was mad at the fact she has been cutting herself and concealing this obvious pain she's feeling. She should've talked to someone about this a long time ago.

" one understands! Everytime I-I....t-t-told someone about ignored me, and they thought I was lying. So....I...I kept it on the inside....and I-I learned that the ph-physical pain makes the-the emotional p-pain feel b-better." she said through stutters and sobs. I felt really bad for her. I know she said not to tell anyone, but this isn't something that I can just let slip by. She's hurting herself. How can I let that go?

"Calm down okay? I'm here. I'll listen. And I won't tell anyone about the cuts, I promise." I promised, but I don't know whether I was telling the truth or telling a white lie. I guess more of a lie, since I can't actually promise not to bring this up to someone. Maybe not her parents, but someone else that will help.

"'s fine. I'm okay. C-can we go now?" she said while wiping the tears off with her sleeve. Not the one covering her slits, but the other one.

"Look I'm not gonna force you to talk about it, but I bet you'll feel a lot better if you did. But like I said, if you don't want to talk about it than fine. We can go back to the room and hang out like we were." I said to her. I was being honest. Forcing someone to talk is just as bad as them not talking at all. Because then they get pressured, and that's what leads to mental breakdowns, outbursts, panic attacks, and sometimes suicide.

"O-Okay......We...we can go back." she stuttered, the puffiness not completely gone from her eyes, but slightly fading.

"Let's go then." I said to her, leading her out of the bathroom and towards the bedroom.

Right before we reached the bedroom door, she stopped in her tracks. I looked over at her, then raised an eyebrow.

"I kinda had an outburst and yelled at Eli....I have a feeling him and Noah are worried......what do I tell them?" Suki asked as she looked down. Her fingers fidgeting with the bottoms of her sleeves.

"Just tell them you're on your period." I said. This always works with girls. I've had three girlfriends that did that to me. Them pretty much dying inside and blaming it on their period so I wouldn't worry. Pfft. I know better. But I don't think Eli or Noah do so it should work fine. Suki nodded, then I turned the nob of the bedroom door and entered.

"Hey! Suki are you alright?" Noah asked, concern easily noticeable in his voice.

"Yeah, I'm fine...just some....girl issues." she said while looking away. Damn this girl has some good acting that a good or bad thing?

"Oh okay. We were just worried." Noah said, then walked over to a giant chair and sat in it.

"No need to worry! I'm okay!" Suki said, a smile painted on her face. Now that I know she's not as happy as she makes it seem.....that smile looks a lot more fake.

"Eli!" Noah yelled at Elijah who had his headphones in, listening to music I assume. Probably something weird like....the Minecraft theme.....who listens to that?

"What? Jesus!" Eli said as he rolled off the bed from Noah yelling at him. He quickly got up and put down his headphones. He looked over and saw Natsuki standing there with a smile on her face.

" you're feeling better I guess?" Eli asked, a smile forming on his face.

"Yeah, I'm doing great!" Suki lied. I could tell she was at least.

"Well since you're feeling better, and everyone seems to be happy, wanna do something?" Noah asked happily. He always has the brightest smiles.....are those fake too?

"Yeah...wanna see if there's any food we can get?" I asked with a shrug. A shrug? Nervousness? What have I become, Eli?

"Yeah sure." Eli said as he started to walk out of the room.

"Well I guess we're going then!" Noah said happily with a shrug. He bounced towards Eli, following him outside the door.

Suki and I were the only ones left in the room. Suki started to walk out of the room, but I quickly grabbed her arm. She turned to look at me, and stared at me. I could tell she noticed the concern in my face. Something I usually didn't give, because a lot of the time I didn't care enough. But this was different.

Worlds different.

"Are you sure you're okay?" I asked, worry noticeable in my voice.

"Damion," she started, then gave a small, sad smile.

"I've never been okay." she said then she yanked her arm from my grasp and walked out of the room.

What made her become so broken?

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