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Welcome to Daybreak. Set in an apocalyptic world where the sky has been shrouded in a never ending noxious smog, the residents of Daybreak fight for their lives to insure the future of their world against The Transit Alliance. Gand and his brother Alaric are forced into an all out war against The Transit Alliance. Courtesy of the tenacious leader of The Hounds, a rebellious faction threatening the government's actions. Determined to keep his younger brother safe, Gand meets every challenge with an unyielding will gaining the trust of his enemies and twisting the fate of Daybreak. His not-so-functional world shatters when he's given a choice that plunges him into a gruesome nightmare filled with betrayal, tragedy, and horrific creatures that endanger the very lives of everyone dear to him.

Horror / Romance
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Generations have passed without flaw as the world thrived in a balanced order of tranquility. Regions of Daybreak were cut off to a colony of indigenous beings known as the Saeth. The Saeth were once a harmonious race that were gifted with the ability to share a boundless flow of energy between each other. A singular region developed a never ending greed for such power, and the raid on them began.

Refusing to fight their assailants, The Eastern Brigade made easy work in capturing and experimenting on the Saeth. Soon they discovered a proficient way to extract the energy, creating a convenient physical component. The user was then granted a mass portion of its energy and was able to endure considerable damage and wipe out a small group of invaders. As the artificial components were passed along, word was brought to the other regions of The Brigade’s actions.

Many of the regions praised and worshipped the Saeth as deities, and their appalling doings caused a stir. A civil war broke out among the regions that massacred thousands of innocents, bringing a plague of poverty and anguish.

The Transit Alliance was one of the central powers in Daybreak, they among many fought against the Brigade. As the Brigade’s corps were enhanced with the Saeth’s essence, numerous battles were won in their favor.

Then one day a rebel soldier stepped forward.

He was known as Corvaan and originated from the Brigade. Corvaan had grown sick of their treatment toward the Saeth and he abandoned the Brigade, he was joined by a handful of unscathed Saeth’s, who willingly aided The Transit soldiers.

He informed The Transit of the component’s flaw. The component was an amazing feature. For a soldier it enhanced hearing, strength, and brought endless possibilities, but due to its foreign properties in the body it would eventually reject and deteriorate from the inside out.

Killing the host.

It was later found that a Saeth could willingly share its energy with other lifeforms around them without rejection, if they so embraced.

Corvaan himself, and a young female Saeth known as Suri were unstoppable among the field. With the two bound and sharing the energy, the two brought hundreds to their knees and they became a beacon of hope. They sparked a revolution in the neighboring regions, who joined their forces and The Cor Legion was formed.

As The Brigade fell back and struggled on their last legs, they turned to the most heinous act of all.


The regions of Daybreak relied on the constant feed from the sun. Powering their cities, warming their homes, and growing their crops. Due to The Brigade’s actions the sun was consumed by a blanket of noxious clouds, causing the cities to wander in a haze for months. Not a sliver of light addressed the needs of the society, plunging the world in a chaotic plight.

As Daybreak faced radiation and poverty the war carried on.

Suri was gravely injured on the field by an enemy soldier. As she lay dying she passed the remainder of her life to Corvaan. For the first time the amalgam of the two created an extraordinarily powerful hybrid, gracing Corvaan with infinite abilities as that of a Saeth. Due to their shared DNA he was able to emphatically draw energy from nearby Saeth’s and create his own.

Corvaan, with his newly found expertise, brought destruction upon The Brigade. He led The Cor Legion to victory and The Brigade denounced their hold on the Saeth’s and all was balanced once again.


With the sky still encased in clouds, The Transit searched for an alternate energy source. Without any ounce of power to fuel their cities, Daybreak grew cold and was determined to fall. Thousands of lives were lost as they withered away in a ravenous stroke. It wasn’t long before the Saeth suggested an arrangement to power their cities until an alternative could be produced.

As demand increased and as riots cluttered the streets of Daybreak, the Transit betrayed the very beings that assisted them. They powered their cities and extracted energy from them, causing many to perish from overexertion.

The Transit came up with a plausible solution to genetically modify and extend the Saeth’s energy. They realized they needed to push them over and beyond their limits. Creating the Procreation Program, Corvaan was forced into an experiment to create the “perfect” being. He aided in the birth of several descendants, and a new breed known as Cor was born.

These teal eyed beings are naturally born hybrids of the two with their own bountiful flow of energy throughout their bodies. Saeths are able to properly link with each Cor as a whole.

When experimenting with the two compatible species, a viral strain infected the Saeth’s, contaminating and morphing them into monstrous beings. The radiation from the noxious clouds above did little to help with the outbreak. After releasing a plague-like virus, high fevers scorched residents, followed by boils, vomiting, and violent seizures. If the virus did not kill you, you were more than likely possessed by corrupted Saeth’s.

These creatures would prey on healthy hosts and infect them, taking over their conscious mind. Using them to lure in helpless victims.

The twin cities Dawn and Dusk were at the center of Daybreak. Dawn was home to wealthy aristocrats, the military, and a slice of scornful government officials. As Dusk was the opposite, catering to the needs of the homeless, convicts, and abundance of lower class.

Connecting the two cities was the Daybreak bridge it was blocked off, leaving the city of Dusk isolated with the corrupted Saeth and their thralls to roam. Leaving the residents to rot.

As the years went by and the Alpha’s utilized Dusk as their own. The world of Daybreak continued as Dawn survived in an untouched environment. The Transit continued their experiments on the remaining pure Saeth and Cor to create the perfect being to reverse their mistakes.

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