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A self-professed nerd finds himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, along with his small band of newly-met college friends. Love will be found, hard decisions made, and sacrifices taken, all for the survival of the human race. In this new world order where everything may not be at it seems, will our unlikely heroes prevail?

Horror / Thriller
Chad Osorio
5.0 3 reviews
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I’ve never written about the zombie apocalypse before, and never thought I would. It was a joke among my friends that something of the sort was truly going to happen. It would start as a pandemic and end up as a zombie apocalypse. We enjoyed talking about what we would do in such a case, and never doubted that we would all survive.

They’re all dead now, and I write this in their memory. I don’t know if people will still be able to read this, given the dire situation at hand. I don’t even know how many survivors there are left in the world, if there is indeed what you could call a world. But I’m hoping for the best. The tenacity of the human spirit is legendary. Heck! We invented it.

Or I don’t know. Maybe aliens will come and read this. After all, if zombies were true, why not intelligent beings from outer space? My friends would have loved it. Except they’ve all turned into human eaters now. So much for preparedness.

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