The Thing In The Closet

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A boy wakes up to see something terrifying inside his closet

Horror / Thriller
Anthony Richmond
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The thing in the closet

It was a rainy night on May 5 1996 when I encountered the most terrifying thing ever.

I was 8 years old getting ready for bed to wake up for school tomorrow, I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and jump on the bed.

As I was putting myself under the blanket my mom walked in the room in "said" You ready for school tomorrow honey, yes, I replied then she walked over in kissed me on the forehead but before my mom was about to leave I ask her could she leave the night light on, back then I was terrified of the dark it always felt like something was watching me then she "replied" of course good night sweetheart.

I remember a dream I'll always have every night, It was in a dark place there was nothing just pure "darkness" with a yellow door then there would always be this dark figure coming out of the yellow door with a scream then I'll just wake up sweating, when I woke up it felt like I couldn't move my body all I could do was move my eyes.

I couldn't "talk" or "move" that's when I heard a creek my closet slowly opening by itself there was heavy breathing coming from the closet, my eyes opened widely as I saw sharp nails coming halfway out the closet I was trying so hard to move my body but I couldn't then what I saw terrified me till this day it was the dark figure from my nightmare. It moved so fast towards me and jumped on my chest staring at me with its dark cold eyes in screamed so loud my ear dream went out then all of a sudden I felt myself falling into a very weird place like the thing was showing me it's home, and while I was falling into this place the thing was looking at me grinning everything then went black.

The next day I remember waking up in sweat I ran downstairs to see my mom in the kitchen cooking breakfast and I told her what had happened to me her eyes opened wide then she "said" that happened to me 2 days ago, my heart started beating so fast when she said that.

Today I'm 18 years old and occasionally I still have that same nightmare I just hope I'll never have to encounter that thing again or in fact, anyone I love.

The thing in the closet

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