Visions of Terror

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A series of short horror stories written by me!

Horror / Thriller
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The Voice of Poor Eve

1984 - 8:30 am


That was my name that I was brought into this world, a cut of bread I have trimmed, “Mindy!” My mother catches my attention “were you tuning in?” “We’re moving tomorrow” “it’s for a business trip” I was in complete shock, as she and my father from the end of the table both smile “I...have to say good-bye to Eve, can I?” “Sure you can go” my mother touches my head...

Eve is eight years younger than me, I’m her babysitter since her parents relinquished her when she was born so I’m extremely essential to her, this is the most exceedingly terrible moment for her on the off chance that we’ll need to move and she’ll become a vagrant, my solitary sister from a different universe...

Willow Community Hospital - 10:03 am

I tap on her facility room’s window “Eve” she quits perusing her book and takes a gander at me as though a holy messenger has shown up, “Mindy!” I open the entryway “Greetings Eve I have to disclose to you something” she wheeze “am I leaving?” “no...” I gulp “I need you to realize that you’re a valuable and splendid young lady and there’ll be times where things will be tough...I’m moving tomorrow first thing and-” “what are you saying? you can’t leave me Mindy you can’t!” She pulls my white loose long sleeve shirt “No! You can’t leave me!!!” An attendant comes racing into room “little Eve quiet down please” I attempt to keep her still while cleaning my tears of my face.

I walk towards my direction of my home out of nowhere I could in any case hear her voice shouting similar words “you can’t!” You can’t leave me!” She’s shouting from the highest point of her lungs poor Eve I’ll miss her and she’ll miss me, poor young lady she went through a lot for such an young age.

Eating dinner - 6:25 pm

“Oh, Mindy how did it go with Eve?” My father asked me, I sighed “She didn’t like the idea, poor girl I was like her guardian angel” “you were very kind Mindy and you did your best so don’t be too upset because, maybe one day you’ll met up again” he continued “I really hope so...” I responded

Last night when I was sleeping the strangest thing happened I kept hearing Eve’s voice consistently repeating “you can’t!” “You can’t leave me!” The day that we have moved, a medium-sized suburban house a bit bigger than our last house I wish that I’ll have a better sleep than yesterday.

It had hit dinner, my parents were talking about an idea of theirs, I couldn’t understand what they were saying because of Eve I kept hearing her, I was scared if it’ll distract me forever. “I have to go upstairs, I...I have to organize my room a bit” I got up my chair, my parents looked a little concerned I guess for not finishing my meal. My room looked very nice it even has my favorite shades of blue, despite in the top corner where it seemed as if the wallpaper was peeled off and especially when I hear Eve’s voice a little louder.

I went straight inside the bathroom, to brush my teeth and to take a quick shower thinking it’ll wash out that voice that consistently keeps repeating. After that I snuggled inside of my warm blanket, covering my ears with another pillow. It slowly became a whisper
“You...can’ can’t...” “YOU CANT LEAVE ME!” “NO!” I couldn’t handle it anymore I rapidly got out of my bed went closer to the voice, it was from out the window...I saw her...I saw Eve she was walking closer she had her favorite dress that I gave her it looked very dirty, the strangest thing was her skin it had mouths all over opening and closing. She climbed up the walls trying to get into my room, but I couldn’t let that happen so I had to shoot her on her forehead with my father’s gun, there I felt the relief of dead silence.

I ended up with charges of murder, gun crime and since I was laughing so much they put me into a mental hospital.

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