Kuro Matrix

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Young kids are mysteriously disappearing without a trace. Who is causing this?

Horror / Scifi
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Kuro Matrix

Kuro Matrix

There was a small town off of the coast of Okinawa. It doesn’t exist anymore. What happened to it? Well, it stems back to an incident back in 1997. Lasted about two months. So what exactly happened? Let me tell you.

The following is a record of events that occurred in the town of Midori no Umi. (Names of places and people have been changed.)

July Tenth.

Ten-year-old Makoto disappeared from the seaside. His mother was only inches away. The last time she saw him was when he was running towards the waves before he vanished into thin air. That’s what happened. He just vanished. Proof. His mother freaked out as she looked around on the beach. A small search party-gathered but no luck. There was not a single trace of him.

July Thirteenth.

Another child, Girl A, went missing around her house in the late afternoon. No one was around to see. Her grandfather could hear her laughing outside. He knew something was wrong when everything grew quiet. When he ran outside, no one was there. The family tried to look around but no luck. Just like Makoto, Girl A disappeared into thin air.

July Seventeenth.

Three more children disappeared. Boy A, Girl B, and Boy B were walking to school before they vanished. Many witnesses saw what happened but couldn’t explain it. No one took the children. They just disappeared. Not a single trace of them was left. The people of the town couldn’t figure out what was going on. Meanwhile, Makoto and Girl A have never been seen again.

July Twentieth.

Another child disappeared. Ono Setsuko had vanished right in front of her father’s eyes. She was running in front of him down to the beach before tripping over and disappearing into thin air. The father panicked and looked for his daughter. But he had no luck. Only, this time there was something different.

Her right pink shoe lay on the ground. The previous cases had never had anything left behind.

July Twenty-Fourth.

The town gathered to talk about what to do. More and more children keep disappearing. Nobody knows what to do. The meeting doesn’t go well. Everyone kept shouting at each other. It ended with everything going nowhere. Back to square one. But it would only get worse.

Really worse.

July Thirty-First.

The first signs of an answer came that day. Seventy-five-year-old Sakamoto-san looked up and saw wavy lines and cracks in the sky. Green lights danced around in the sky. Sakamoto panicked and ran into her house. It didn’t take long for people to look up at the skies. More cracks began to form in the sky. A buzzing noise filled their ears. Dogs sent the night howling.

More children started to disappear.

August Sixth.

No one is allowed to leave the town. Children are kept inside. The humming grew louder and steadier. The elderly is starting to have nose bleeds. Children were writhing around on the floor with blank eyes. The parents and doctors didn’t know what to do. On top of that, Boy C disappeared from his bed in the middle of the night. The family’s dog disappeared again. However, that wasn’t the only problem.

The sand near the waves started to disappear. Not just vanish. But crumbled away into little pieces.

August Eighth.

The town seems to be breaking away. More and more little pieces keep breaking away into nothingness. First it was the sand. Then came the grass. The lines in the sky became more frequent. Sounds of static joined in with the high-pitched wail. The number of children has been reduced down to ten. Suddenly, the dogs dropped down dead. They would just drop down with no warning. Cats have been acting weird too. The elderly won’t get out of bed. They just stare up at the ceiling, drooling with their mouths wide open. The younger adults can only pray. Leaving isn’t an option anymore. Some tried and ended up back in the town. Death looked like the only way out.

This would be the last day that sun would shine.

August Eleventh.

The skies have turned black with thin green lines. There are six children left. The cats are starting to die now. Everyone has stopped eating. The elderly started to disappear as well. The first deaths began. Makoto’s mother overdosed on sleeping pills. Her body wasn’t found until the early hours of the morning. By midnight, it had disappeared. The streets are starting to crumble away with the remainder of the sky. Nobody goes outside anymore. Another woman jumped off of the roof of her house. She didn’t hit the ground. Instead, she disappeared into a black void of nothingness. Her house disappeared shortly after that as it crumbled away into digital pieces. More deaths and disappearances will follow.

August Fifteenth.

The buildings started to crumble away into digital pieces. Only two children are left. Their mother kept trying to escape in vain. But she wouldn’t stop. Nobody can call for help. The phones were dead. The elderly, dogs, and cats are all gone. More adults kept committing suicide. Their bodies keep disappearing. Crying and wailing feel the skies. By the end, only ten buildings were left.

August Twenty-Eighth.

The town disappeared off the map. No more people. No more animals. Just silence and darkness. Just… nothing.

So what happened here? Why didn’t this make news? Where did everyone go? Who was behind all of this? There has been debates about this for many years but no answers have surfaced. Maybe we might never know.

I sat back from my computer and smiled. That’s done. Time to do it all again.

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