The Adoption

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James and Selina’s beloved son had died because of a gory accident at the beach... because mourning would only cause more pain, the young couple decided to adopt a new child, but little did they know their life was about to change forever...

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Summer of 2021, we were on a trip to Sydney, we decided to have some fun at the famous Bondi beach, young, innocent Caleb was splashing around in the water while Selina and I, layed down on the hot white sand under a big, red beach umbrella. Everything was going perfectly until we heard a scream, Selina stood upto see what had happened, I was too lazy and careless. “James!” Someone screamed in horror “James help!” It was Selina! I hastily stood up and sprinted to her...I was too late, Caleb layed there lifeless, blood rushed down his slender body

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