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Chapter Two

“The reunion committee”

The “Thirty year reunion” was in the planning stages and there were approximately 65 names on the list. The odd part was the name “Chase Murphy” did not appear on the attendee’s list, but on the possible vendors list because his restaurant could hold the occupancy and they could get a deal on the catering. To Chase not much had changed since 1983 and the natural hierarchy was still firmly in place. But none of the separation of the class included Chase, which he found absurd. After all, Chase was a college graduate and a successful business owner, not to mention the IQ

point difference between Chase and anyone else.

“The committee has dangled that carrot on a stick before”,

Chase thought.

“But every 5 years I go for it with a great quote, thinking I have a shot at the catering and restaurant rental, and they didn’t even read my proposal”. No, things have not changed much since 1983.

Vengeance and revenge may be cousins, but they are completely different animals. The recipe for vengeance is: ¼ cup acute hatred, ½ cup indelible grudge and ¼ cup pure extract of spite cooked at 350 for 30 years or until golden brown.

Revenge is tripping a kid on the cement staircase while that kid is loaded with books and binders because of a minor incident in gym class. It was vengeance on the mind of Chase Murphy, vengeance plain and simple, and it is funny how opportunity presents itself if your eyes are open.

The vengeance he seeks is not the bury people kind, but more the

“Ill show you all” or “I told you so” kind. Chase was still haunted by that day in 1983 with his friend Theo. “

“The thought of my friend jumping off that bridge should have driven me into a murderous frenzy. But it did not. It was odd, but I tried not to think about the incident at all, ever, and after time I actually filed it under the rules of survival,

“Better you than me”.

“I knew who did it to Theo, I knew every one of them, and it’s a small town”.

“All I know is there is another chance for me to earn the respect of the committee and the graduating class if it’s at my restaurant”.

“I want it”.

“I want to be respected”.

So even after all that time, Chase still sought out the affection of his peers. The sheer number of rejections in his school days should have impaired him at least. Outwardly, there are no signs. But internally the damage caused by the social hierarchy and the rejection are insurmountable.

He still longs to be accepted.

Chase completed the application with his bid enclosed and hand delivered it to the committee. He felt that was a personal touch.

Welcome to “The Ultimate Burger”

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