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Chapter Four

“Hydrogenated vegetable oil”

The FDA test of the “fry oil” at The Ultimate Burger of Fort Windsor showed an overall content of MSG at just over 3%, which is a toxic level. But the restaurant did not fail under the guidelines. This was due to the fact that fast food was poison and the FDA knows that, of course.

The Ultimate Burger was not a fast food restaurant by the declaration of the owner operator Chase Murphy, but the rules and codes were the same.

Chase had the best “submersion cooking method” menu items, but the best seller by far was the “Steak bits”. They consisted of a one inch cube of steak coated in a pancake batter and skewered with a tooth pick. They were deep submersion cooked until medium well done and had a light mesquite flavor. In reality, they were coated in MSG and natural flavors designed to hook the consumer and ensure the return visit. Chase knew what was in the oil and avoided the fryer when making his own lunch. Apparently what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander.

Chase read an article in the monthly news letter about a franchise going to court in a law suit over the MSG content of the secret family recipe. Somewhere in Texas there was a widow who claimed her husband died from an allergic reaction the oils MSG content. The man developed a tumor in his brain stem and the widow claimed daily visits to The Ultimate Burger was the culprit.

The widow wanted homicide charges, because the owner knew the poisonous content of the recipe. But the docket and law suit read;

“In the wrongful death of a person due to negligence”.

The franchise was a subsidiary of T.U.B. on the NASDAQ and was owned by a conglomerate pool of investors and stock holders whom had earned an 11% return annually for 9 strait years. With that kind of status comes clout and lawyers. Really good lawyers

That the mother company sent to the trial and destroyed the widow and her dead husband in time for an early lunch. The dead man had been employed in an industry known for causing tumors, both cancerous and benign. One plus two equals three. It was all on page 113 of the franchise contract that,” the said franchise will have appropriate legal counsel and representation”. Which meant those $500 per hour blood suckers would eat anyone alive that presented a threat to the profit margins.

So the widow got nothing except the legal bills and the court costs and T.U.B. Inc got the right to keep on poisoning the public and post record high corporate earnings. Chase felt safe with the corporate muscle they had, but he still reduced the amount of “flavoring” that went into each mix and batch of “The secret family recipe”. A business man with a conscious is a rare find and Chase was a man that could suffer from guilt, even if it was self imposed. It also saved a little money.

Welcome to “The Ultimate Burger”

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