Welcome to the Ultimate Burger

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Chapter Six

“Cousin Murph”

He opened the bottom three buttons on the lab coat and pulled out the little monster. He began pressing up against the buttocks of the girls he called “Lolita”, even though that was not her name. He always called his girls Lolita and his guys are called “Votto’s”.

She was tied at the wrist and stomach down on a stainless steel counter with all her clothes on. He was intent on a “dry rape”, which is to say there is no penetration. The thought of that made Cousin Murph shudder. He saw them as a lower species. Lolita was a traveler and an illegal immigrant trying to get to Wyoming to an aunt and uncles to get naturalized. The dry hump was not the exciting part to Cousin Murph; it was a ritual or a formality. The real rush comes when he thrusts the 8” carving knife into her vagina and pull upward, letting the serration rip and cut all the way up to her jaw. The rest of the task was mundane, tedious and messy. If there was a part with nerves, it was the dismemberment. He would start with small cuts and graduate to big bones with the industrial saw. The whole game takes 45 minutes, including the disposer, the hose and turning down the lights to lock up.

“Its Miller time”, Cousin Murph said as if he just roofed a steep pitched house.

“Adios, Lolita “, Murph said while he slid the key into the ignition. He turned the key and the motor purred. His 1964 Chevy Impala was a rust bucket but it had a 350 big block and a very spacious trunk. Chase Murphy has no idea who he hired as his General Manager slash Butcher.

The one fact that virtually no one knows is that Tom Davison has been purchasing huge amounts of drugs from Cousin Murph and distributing them through out the Denver Public Middle Schools.

It turns out Tom isn’t a brilliant finance manager at his dads car outlet. Tom used his time at this boring, and very preppy dealership to arrange pick ups and drop offs and payments. Toms #1 distributor in Denver was a school mate from Fort Windsor. George was a quiet kid, and a quiet adult. He takes absolutely no shit from anyone at anytime, including Tom.

Today’s menu consisted of 1000 oxy’s, and a half of a key of Peruvian flake cocaine. This was a one month supply for George and the DPS and considerably larger order than usual.

“This is a major haul, to determine new distribution lines, so I’m going to need special financing”, Tom said with half a smile.

Cousin Murph could see that these deals are juice to him, maybe because of his lacking skills at “Auto-world” or maybe he was cutting and pinching and is hooked. Truth be known, a heaping scoop of both.

$1,000 over cost”, Murph said calmly with the look of a gambler in his eyes.

“And half down up front and I will deep fry your ass in 25 days if I’m not monetarily satisfied”, Murph said seriously.

Tom would receive $10,000 in dope and pay $5,000 up front and satisfy Murph in 25 days with another $5,000. The street value was two and a half times that easy and that meant plenty of cash and some credibility with Murph and George and plenty of skim.

This scenario was the equivalent of the engine sputtering while you’re on the tracks, and I think I hear the Southern Pacific south bound in the distance.

Welcome to “The Ultimate Burger”

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