Camp Cannibal

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Florence's POV

My eyes flutter awake.


It's pretty dark. The only source of light is a dimly lit light bulb and oh, it smells awful in here.

My head pulsates.

"Ow." I hiss. I remember now. Henry and his shovel jumping me.

Great, where am I? I scan my surroundings.

"Corinne?" I see her passed out next to me. There's another girl too but she's also passed out. I try to get closer to her but I'm held back by chains.


My heart jumps at the sudden voice. I see Henry sitting at a tiny table in the corner of the room.

"Oh, great, you." I say.

Henry laughs. "You lower-class people are futile but funny." He says amused.

"You lower-class people?" I scoff. "And you rich people think you're better than everyone else but you couldn't last a day in my shoes." I snap back.

Is that why he kidnapped me? Cause I'm poor?

Henry's smile leaves.

He looks at the table in front of him. "Soup?" He asks again.

I am kinda hungry. Fine, whatever.

"Sure." I agree reluctantly.

Henry bounces up happily. He brings over the soup. Since my hands are chained behind me he has to feed it to me.

I don't like the happy expression on his face as he hums a tune and holds the spoon in front of my face. I eat it anyway.

Not bad.

"So, why do you even have this cellar or whatever out here?" I ask.

"Sometimes, I kill too many people." Henry says like it's quirky. So we keep some people here so we can give the meat to the camp, it gets rid of them faster."

My eyes bulge. "WE WERE EATING HUMAN MEAT?!" I yell.

Henry smirks. "Yes."

"Does the camp know it's human meat?" Cause if they did, when I get out of here I am going to drop kick every adult in that camp.

"No." Henry says.

My jaw drops. I look at him in disbelief. Then my face churns into a sour expression. "You're sick." I insult.

I lose my appetite but Henry tries to feed me another spoon.

I turn my head.

He looks at me with a frown. "Eat it." He coaxed.

"No, I don't want it anymore." I say.

"Just one more bite, pleease." He pleads.

I rolled my eyes. If he'll leave me alone sure. I take one last bite.

He starts laughing. Like full on 'Ha ha I'm dead' kind of laughing. It makes me nervous and creeped out.

He suddenly recovers and returns back to his seat. Unnerving.

I look back at Corinne. "What going to do to us?" I ask scared.

"You don't have to worry about Corinne. She won't be harmed. It's yourself you should be worried about." Henry says resting his head on his hands. He wears a sly smile.

"What? W-why?" I start to get nervous.

"Well, my family and I, do I say this." He looks at me with a sarcastic nice smile. "Eat people." He finishes.

"What-" They do what?

"Well, we eat poor people specifically but don't worry it's all for a good cause." Henry reasons.

A good cause? What "cause" could possibly exist to justify eating people. "There is no "good cause" to eat people." I argue.

Henry puts on a doubtful look. "Well, maybe not to you but if you were me you'd have plenty of reasons." His face goes dark.

I go to say something back but maybe it's not best to argue with a angry cannibal. "You least just kill them without eating them. It's kind of disrespectful." I say quietly.

Henry laughs. "No, no, no, then you'd have no purpose. Right now you're just alive without living! I will give you a purpose. You will feed others!" He rises from his chair.

"And how else would we get rid of the bodies?" He says with a crooked smile. He's practically staring into my soul.

"Lucky for you though, you'll have a couple more days to live. You see, since you started snooping around I had to get rid of you but I already had a victim. So I'll have to get rid of her first."

I get a look of relief which Henry notices.

"I have a system, It's easier this way. Now, don't think just because I'm not gonna kill you yet." He walks over to me and harshly pulls me closer to his face by my hair.

"That I won't hesitate to kill you if you do something stupid." He threatens.

I nod in fear.

His face quickly softens and he starts petting me hair.

"So." He sits criss-cross applesauce next to me.

"I'm going to be gone for most of the day so I put out a bucket so you can use the bathroom." Henry points to a corner with three buckets with toilet paper stacked on each other next to it.

"There's water and snacks in that box." He moves his arm slightly to the left. There was in fact a box kind of too close for my liking to the buckets.

"How am I supposed to reach those things if I'm tied up?" I ask.

"Ah." Henry walks up the stairs into the main house I assume and comes back with a longer chain. He secures one end of the chain to a metal loop on the wall and the other to my left wrist, then unlocks the other chains that were holding both of my hands.

"There!" He says contentedly. "You can grab stuff for your friends if they need it. I gotta go back to camp before morning. See you later!" Is the last thing he says before going up the stairs and locking the door.


Railey's POV

I wake at 5:00 as usual. I take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and wait for the kids at the picnic circle like I do everyday. Except today wasn't like everyday. The campers split into their groups and my group is another camper short today.

"Where's Corinne?" I question my group.

Madeline responds with a shrug. "I saw her last night in the cabin, when I woke up she wasn't there."

Great. I think. She probably went searching for Florence. This is getting out of hand.

The police won't do anything but I will. I gather the camp counselors together while the campers relax outside.

"We can't have teens under our watch go whenever they please. Pay close attention to your campers, see if they're showing signs of discomfort, depression, or rebellion. We've already searched the camp for Florence but we'll search one more time, after that, I'll go search the woods."

Henry suddenly shifts in his seat.

"I need two camp counselors to stay here and watch the campers and one to come with me."

"I'll do it." Henry said abruptly.

His eagerness makes me uneasy for some reason but it is not uncalled for. Corinne and Henry are close and his energy is just what we need for this situation.

"I'll stay here." Ashley chimes in.

"Me too." Dennis says.

"Okay, good. Henry let's go."

Henry and I take a brisk look around the campus. I doubt they're here but it doesn't hurt to try. We search the entire campus but to no avail, as I suspected.

I snap my fingers. "Let's go search the woods. We'll take the horses, it'll be faster."

Soon we're riding into the woods. We spend hours looking. "We've looked on this side of the woods long enough. Let's ride west." I tell Henry.

"Are you sure we didn't miss anything? We should check one more ti-" Henry tries to say.

I cut him off.

"It's getting late, I wanna check everywhere before we head back to camp." I start riding.

The searching starts to feel fruitless until we come across a small cabin. Kind of looks like the ones at camp.

"Well, look at what we have here." I smile at Henry.

He smiles back.

I get off my horse and open the door and go inside the cabin. There's bean bags on the floor and snacks.

"Found them." I say excitedly to myself.

I start checking the rooms. They're all empty but one of the locked. Weird.

I try to jiggle it open. Nothing happens.

"Henry! Help me open this door!" I yell to my co-worker.

"h e l p!" I hear the words faintly behind the door.

I look to Henry worries, he looks calm.

"Did you hear that?" I asked.

"Yes." He sighs as he pulls out a pocket knife.

"Yes I did."

He runs at me with incredible speed. I dodge him. He instantly turns around and grabs my wrist.

I try to rip it away but I can't.

He's much stronger than he looks.

I grab his wrist holding the pocket knife and kick his shin. His grip on my wrist falters because of the pain. I take this opportunity to peel my wrist away and kick him back.

We stand there for a minute facing each other planning our next move.

"I didn't know you fight." Henry says amused.

"I didn't know you kidnapped teens." I say back.

He takes another second to re-adjust the grip on his knife then he sprints at me again.


Florence's POV

Corinne finally wakes up.

"Corinne!" I yell.

"Florence?" She slowly sits up and looks at me. "Florence! Are you okay? Did he hurt you?" She asks.

"He did hit me in the head with a shovel so I do have this bump on my head that kinda hurts but we have bathroom buckets!" I say jokingly.

Corinne can't help but giggle. "Look, I'm sorry." She tries to apologize.

"Ah, I'm over it. We might die so what's the point in being mad?" I say.

Corinne looks around. "Do you know her?" She points with her head to that other girl, she's still passed out.

I shake my head.

"Hey, how did you find me?" I ask her. "I've kind of been wondering that this whole time." Corinne's face goes grim.

"Henry took me to this cabin to watch a movie so he could "take my mind off of you"." She starts. "Then I went outside to use the bathroom and I heard this girl yelling. I came back during the night to investigate but I guess Henry followed me and now I'm here." She says.


"Hey, you're chain is longer." Corinne notices.

"Oh yea, Henry made it longer so I can reach the food and buckets and stuff so.." I say.

"Is there water?"

I stand up and walk over to the box and throw Corinne a bottle of water. Then I remember her hands are chained together.

"Oops. My bad."

I open it for her and put it to her mouth, she drinks like the entire bottle.

"Gee, okay." I say.

I sit next to her and stare at the floorboards.

"Do you think we'll make it out alive?" I ask her.

"No." She says. "I know we'll make it out alive." She gives me a confident smile.

I almost believe her.

Stomp. Stomp. Stomp.

We hear footsteps above us.

Then I hear Railey's voice.

"Henry! Help me open this door!"

Corinne and I look at each other.

"Henry is with her." Corinne stresses.

I don't care.

"HELP!" I yell.

It goes quiet for a second.

The quietness is quickly replaced with noise. It sounds like fighting.

I pray that Railey comes out victorious.

Then it goes silent. Too silent for too long.

Then footsteps. Slow ones.

The door at the top of the stairs slowly creeks open and there stands..Railey!

She looks unsteady, bloody.

Then she falls down the stairs. I hear a sickening crack when she reaches the final step. He body is lit in the dim light. Her body face down. A knife in her back surrounded by multiple stab wounds. Blood started to spread on the floor.

We look back up. It's Henry. Standing at the top of the steps with a creepy smile.

"You girls are making this more difficult than it has to be."

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