Camp Cannibal

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Corinne's POV




Henry slowly Descends into the basement.

"Tch. Tch. Tch. Look at what you did." He says motioning to Railey.

Henry steps into the light. His smile unwavering. Blood splattered on his clothes and face.

'"When the other camp counselors notice Railey's gone they'll probably call the police." He says.

"I guess I'll just have to kill them too. "

"Such a shame. Perfectly good people, their lives wasted."

Henry's eyes narrow in on Florence.

"Because of you." He accuses.

"Wrong!" I say.

Henry instantly shifts his attention to me.

"Nobody would be hurt if you hadn't kidnapped Florence you psycho!" I scream, I can't help myself.

An ear piercing screech resonates through the cabin. The third girl had woken up and seen Railey.

She lurches forward and vomits.


"Hello, Laura." Henry greets the third girl nicely.

"Hungry?" He asks.

She shakes her head violently.

He turns to us. "She's kind of shy." He smiles.

"Stop!" I yell.

Henry's expression changes. His eyebrows are furrowed. His smile clearly looks forced now.

"Stop, What? He says through clenched teeth.

"Stop acting like this is normal! You are crazy! Let us go! All of us!" I'm hysterical at this point.

I can see Florence looking at me with big eyes.

Henry stands there staring at me angrily. I notice him shaking slightly. He clenches and unclenches his fist.

"Corinne. No one tells me to stop. Just behave and no one else will get hurt. You won't get hurt, Okay?" He asks, he attempts to sound sympathetic.

"No. Not okay. I won't listen to you, I won't behave, and I refuse to let you hurt anyone else. " I say.

His breaths get heavy.

His fingers twitch.


Then, slap.

I feel a hot tingling sensation on my face. Did he just slap me?

He grabs me by my hair.

"I didn't want to hurt you but your making it really hard. Corinne!" Henry says. I'm surprised to see he has a wide smile on his face but his teeth are clenched together furiously. His hair is hanging messily in front of his face. The look in his eyes is deranged .

Florence comes from behind and pounces on him. She wraps the chain around his neck. He scratches at the chain, for a few seconds it keeps him down but not for long. He flings his upper body forward. Florence flips over him and lands on the floor.

Henry pulls Florence up by her chain and grips her wrists and wraps her into his arms to hold her still.

She struggles to get out but after a few minutes she eventually realizes she can't escape his grip. She sinks into his hold.

"There you go." He says sweetly and plants a kiss on her head.

"Let her go!" I scream at him. He ignores me.

I watch him rest his face into Florence's hair.

"It's really soft." He says.

Henry inhales big. He waits a few seconds Then let's it out.

"Ahhh, smells good too." He smiles creepily.

Florence whips her head back and hits him in the mouth.

"Ow! Damn it, Florence!" He complains.

Henry hurls her at the wall. She hits the wall loudly and she falls to the floor. I want to go check on her but I can't.

Henry touches his mouth to check if he's bleeding. He is. He licks his lips.

He walks over to Railey and takes his knife out.

"I'll be back to clean the vomit. For now I have to get rid of an entire Summer camp."


Henry's POV

Railey fell off her horse? No she's too good at horseback riding for that.

Railey tripped over a root? No that's just ridiculous.

I try to think of a lie as I ride back to the camp.

What could excuse all of this blood?

My plan is to kill Ashley and Dennis first. My heart aches at the thought. They didn't do anything wrong. They're such lovely people, I've been working with them for 12 years.

I should've been more careful. Corinne is right...If I didn't kidnap Florence nobody would'

I had to do it. It wasn't my fault. It wasn't my fault.

After I get rid of the other camp counselors I have to get rid of all the campers. Luckily there aren't that many. There are 16 in total. I have Florence and Corinne so there are only 14 left. Easy.

I start nearing camp.

Okay. Let's say we got attacked by a bear. Sure, why not?

I notice Dennis and Ashely hanging out with the campers from far.

It's acting time.

I jump off my horse and make myself look as frantic as possible.

"HELP! Railey and I were attacked by a bear!"

"Oh my gosh, are you okay Henry?!" Ashley gasps.

"Yes, it's Railey though, she's hiding in a cabin we found in the woods, we have to go help her!" I say.

"Let's go then." Dennis says. He stands up and faces the campers. "Okay everyone, there is word of a bear on the loose, stay inside your cabins and don't come out until we come back!" Everyone immediately runs to their cabins.


"Alright, let me go get a horse. Ashley, ride with Henry." Dennis tells Ashley.

She nods and gets on my horse.

Dennis runs to the stables and is soon back with a horse and a gun.

Dennis notices me eyeing the gun.

"It's for the bear." He explains.

"Yea, that's great I just didn't know we had a gun." I say. I start galloping towards the woods.

Ashley holds me tight as not to fall off. Dennis follows closely behind.

What am I going to do? He has a gun. What will he do if he realizes there's no bear? That I killed Railey.

I'll figure it out, It's fine. I try to convince myself.

"Let me go in front." Dennis says. "I don't want you to get hurt." He says.

I can't help but smile. Perfect.

This is almost too good.

The cabin comes into view. Dennis looks back at me. "Is that the one?"

I nod. He gets off of his horse. I do the same and so does Ashley.

"She should be inside." I said. As soon as Dennis turns to go inside. I cover Ashley's mouth, slit her throat and drag her behind a tree. I can feel my heart swell with sadness. At least she looks pretty dead.

I follow Dennis inside. He's still turned away from me. I debate inside my mind weather I should attack now or not. He's a pretty big guy.

But it's now or never. I jump on him and and stab his neck. Blood starts gushing out. He stands there for a few seconds, it's like he hasn't even realized it yet. Then he turns around, his dark eyes are wide as he falls to floor.

There it's over now. I close my eyes. I can feel tears run down my face.

"I'm so sorry Dennis I had t-"



I fall to the ground. I feel like I'm on fire.

He shot me.

I grip my thigh. It hurts.

I look back at Dennis. He's dead.

Okay...okay...don't panic. I slide myself to Dennis and I rip a piece of his shirt with my pocket knife.

I tightly wrap around the piece of cloth around my leg.


This is ridiculous.

I attempt to stand. I stumble a bit but I use the wall to catch myself. Okay, this isn't too bad.

I grab Dennis' gun. This will be useful.

I limp my way back to my horse. He's a little spooked from the gunshot but it doesn't take too long to calm him down. I manage to get on him and I ride back to camp.

I'm getting sick of this trip.

I leave my horse at the stables and I limp to the nearest cabin. I'm gonna have to use my knife for the first 3 cabins, it'll alert the other campers if I use the gun.

I calmly walk into the cabin. There's only two girls in this cabin. They both look at me and stare in shock.

I feel a lump in my throat. I feel like crying.

"I-I'm so sorry."

I pull out my knife and I kill them.

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