Camp Cannibal

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Florence's POV

"The rest of the day is free time. You can continue your stations, explore the campus, or be in your cabins!" Railey states to the campers.

She had me at 'explore the campus'. This is perfect. I can go interrogate that cook now!

I catch a glimpse of Corinne. I really hope she doesn't have the same idea, I don't want to run into her.

Railey dismisses us and I immediately go to find Henry.

"Hey, Florence! Are you feeling better?" He says sympathetically.

"Yea, yea. Hey! Which cook is Brandon?" I ask impatiently.

" Oh, I can come and show you!" He smiles.

"Good." I grab his wrist and start pulling him toward the cafeteria.

I practically kick open the double doors and look at Henry. "Which one?" I demand.

He nervously laughs and walks into the kitchen. In a few seconds he comes out with a skinny, kind of short, brunette.

Brandon, i'm assuming, waves.

"Hi." Brandon says.

"You like Ashley?" I ask.

He immediately turns red.


"Did you send her a gift on Valentine's Day?" I ask.

"N-n-no!" He exclaims, he throws his hands up. "I-I didn't, I would n-never! Not that s-she doesn't deserve it! I c-couldn't personally to b-be honest!" Brandon continues rambling on. I give Henry an unimpressed look.

He puts on a shy smile and shrugs.


"I did tell Corinne that I don't think it's Brandon." Henry says.

"Well, she didn't tell me that...she didn't tell me a few things." I say the last part a little quieter.

"You guys are having a falling-out?" He asks.

I sigh. "Yea."

We continue to walk around the Campus in silence enjoying the scenery.

"So, I'm at a dead end." I say.

"Maybe it's for the best.."

I shoot Henry a dirty look.

"Excuse me?" I say. "Me not being able to find the person who killed my friend is for the best?!" I fume.

"I didn't mean it like tha-"

"I thought you were going to help me not make me feel worst!" I turn around quickly before he can see the tears threatening to fall from my eyes.

"Florence, I did not mean it like that."

He re-states.

"Th-then what did you mean." I start to cry. I cover my face.

He walks around to stand in front of me. He removes my hands from my face and holds them. He looks me in the eyes.

"I just didn't want you to get hurt." He says softly.

I look down and stare at our hands. He doesn't understand. I don't care if I get hurt. I need to find this killer.

"I'm not gonna get hurt." I say.

He chuckles. " You don't know that." He lifts my chin so I'd look at him again. "I want to help you, I do, but if there isn't a lead right now be happy that your safe. What if Brandon did send Ashley that gift, what were you gonna do?"

Kill him.

"...I don't know." I say.

He grins. "If I find something else I'll tell you, I promise." He says.

I nod. "Okay." I sniff.

"Come here." He pulls me into a hug.

It felt nice. I haven't hugged anyone in a while. I start to cry harder.

He strokes my hair. "Your hair is really pretty." He compliments softly.

"Thanks." I say through tears.

Corinne's POV

I haven't seen Florence since lunch. I feel horrible. I sit at Dennis' station. I look at the potato flute in my hand.

Pfft, potato flute.

I knew Florence didn't want to see me so I sent Madeline to go tell her lunch was almost over. Surprisingly, she did it. I know she probably wasn't the best person to do it but despite me coming here for 5 years I had no friends. Just the camp counselors.

Now Florence is here and this happens. Great.

I see Madeline walking past with Elise. I walk over to her.

"Uh, hey Madeline." I say.

"Hello, Corinne." She returns.

"You wouldn't happen to know where Florence is, right?"

"No, I went to the cabin to tell her it's almost time to go like you asked, she didn't say anything, she just laid on her bed. I don't even know if she came out." Madeline says.

Elise clings to her arm and stares me down as if I interrupted something.

"Okay, sorry for bothering you." I say that mostly to Elise.

"No hassle really." Madeline says and continues walking with her cousin.

Florence is probably still in the cabin.

I follow the path to our cabin eagerly, I know it's only been about an hour but I wanna see if she's okay.

I open the door to find...nothing.

She's not here. Where is she? I start to worry. Did she get kidnapped? Is she stuck somewhere? Did she get lost?

I run out of the cabin and start searching the campus...well, I was before I ran into Dennis.

"Whoa, hey there. Where are you going in such a rush?" Dennis asks with a smile.

"I, um, I'm trying to look for my friend." I say.

"That fast?" He asks.

"Yea, I just, I haven't see her since lunch and I don't know if she's lost or hurt or kidnapped!"

"Kidnapped?" Dennis laughs.

I understand he really doesn't know the situation but I really don't find this funny at all.

"Corinne. Calm down, stop looking around for a second."

I force myself to calm my nerves.

"Breathe in and out." He says.

I do as he says.

"Good. Now listen to me, your friend is not lost, or hurt, or kidnapped. Repeat it."


"Go on.

"My... My friend is not lost, or hurt, or kidnapped." I repeat.

"Your friend is just somewhere you haven't checked yet and is perfectly fine." He smiles and encourages me to repeat it.

"My friend is just somewhere I haven't checked yet and is perfectly fine." I start to feel a little better.

Dennis puts a hand on my shoulder. "Better?" He asks.

I nod.

"Now go find her." He says and walks away while whistling a tune.

I feel relaxed, it's weird, it's like he hypnotized me. Not even 5 minutes later I see Florence walking out of the cafeteria with Henry.

I smile. See?


I decide to go back to Dennis' station. He sees me approaching and smiles.

"Found her?" He asks.

I nod with a grin.

He pulls out a zucchini. "Wanna make an instrument out of this?" He beams.

I laugh. "Of course."

Florence's POV

I walk back to the cabin alone and defeated.

Who else could it be? I'm back to laying on my bed, staring at the ceiling.

Maybe one of the other cooks. I could try. Railey is married I think. Dennis? No way.


"Wait a minute."


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