Camp Cannibal

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Of course! He was always a suspect! I told Corinne that but nooooOooOooOo she "trusts" him.

I mean...I do too...I don't really think it's him but I can't not investigate it.

I try to piece together evidence.

He has been helping us..maybe just to throw us off!

But....I think back to earlier. He seemed pretty sincere when he said he'd help me.

I remember his blue eyes staring straight into mine. His warm embrace. Him petting my hair...

Stop! I'm getting sidetracked by the hot counselor!

What did he do that was guilty?



I slam my fists into my bed. That can't be! I'm missing something.

I guess I'll just have to prove it.

I hear someone step into the cabin. I look towards the entrance.

It's Corinne.

"It's dinner time." Is all she says before leaving.

My body starts to quake with anger when I remember what she did.

Never mind her. I have other things to do.

I jump up and walk out side.


I see Corinne walking slowly to the Cafeteria. She's still here? Why is she walking so slow? I don't want to her to notice me, she'll probably try to talk to me.

I try to walk quietly behind her but her pace was killing me. I decide to just power walk past her.

I feel my face heat up as I pass her. I can see her in my peripheral vision looking at me. I walk faster.

"Florence, wait!" She yells.


I reluctantly turn around. I hold back the burst of rage I feel when I look at her. I can feel my self shaking. I cross my arms hoping she wouldn't notice.

"What do you want?" I say. The venom in my voice surprises even me.

She looks at a lost, her arms move around as she searches for something to say. "I'm sorry." She finally states.

I scoff. "I'm sure you are but it won't erase what you did." I snap.

She has the audacity to look hurt. "I thought the bracelet would make you sad! You know how you get when I bring her up! I didn't want you to shutdown like you usually do. I did it for you!" Corinne says.

I didn't want to hear it. I turn around and continue without saying anything.

"Florence. Florence!" I listen to Corinne try to get my attention.

Well, she's not getting it.

I stomp into the cafeteria and take a tray. Standing in line, Brandon sees me and shyly smiles at me while waving.

I keep the sour expression on my face as he awkwardly puts his hand down and tries to continue working. I felt kinda bad but I didn't feel like forcing a smile.

I find a nice, quiet, empty corner table in the cafeteria. I sit down and eat my Lasagna. I eye Henry. He smiles and jokes around with Dennis and some other campers.

I kind of want to join in but I feel like I'll ruin the mood. I sigh staring at the blonde camp counselor.

He helped me when I was in Railey's office. He's really nice and always smiling.

I suddenly groan and clench my hair in frustration. Then who is it!

I let my hands fall. Maybe the killer isn't here. That would be the logical solution. Plus the killer is targeting my neighbor which is far from here.

I should just call the police. They'll probably know what to do.

My head starts to fill with memories. Police flooding the streets, my home.


I remember the anxiety of being asked questions. Kids at school bothering me. Teachers treating me delicately.

"It won't be like that. It won't be like that." I whisper to myself.

I think about Corinne. I really hate her right now but I don't want her to go to jail. Wouldn't her burning that bracelet be like..getting rid of evidence or something? Accessory to murder?

Oh gosh.

Maybe I shouldn't call the police. So what if Ashley has that bracelet, probably won't be any use to the police. I laugh.

Yikes, I'm losing my mind.

Whatever. There are no leads. No suspects. No evidence.

I should just drop this. Just have a normal fun summer.

My eye catches the table that Henry's at again. I watch them for a bit until Dennis stands up and walks out of the cafeteria.

Where's he going? I think. I eat another piece of Lasagna, then realization dawns on me.

Where is he going?

I stand up and sneak out of the cafeteria. I see Dennis already pretty far away. I follow him from a distance.

He follows the usual main path then goes off into another path that's labeled 'Maintenance'. I hide behind a tree and watch as he opens an outside closet on the side of the small yellow building. He puts on gloves and takes out a shovel.

I let out tiny gasp. He turns around and I almost faint. I try to hide myself as best as I can behind the tree. I stay behind the tree for a few minutes before I decide to peek again, this time I almost scream as he passes right by me. Luckily he didn't see me.

I notice him carrying a saw.

Everything else goes blurry all I see is the saw.

A saw.

No. I-I don't know what to do. I feel frozen but I force myself to move. I have to tell Henry.


I enter the cafeteria again and spot Henry immediately. He's still talking to the other campers. I really don't want to interfere but this is important. I walk up behind timidly and tap his shoulder. He turns around and a big smile appears on his face. "Florence! Feeling better?" He asks.

I nod. "Um, I need to talk to you." I say.

He turns to the other campers. "I'll be back." He follows me to the table I was sitting at.

"Alright, what was it that you needed to tell me?" He asks.

"I have a suspect." I say.

He looks impressed. "Wow, already?"

"Yea, it's Dennis." I say.

Now he looks confused.

"Dennis? Really? But he's so nice." Henry explains.

"When he left from the cafeteria, I followed him and I saw him grab a shovel and a saw!" I say.

Henry opens his mouth like he was gonna say something but then he closes it. He starts to grin.

"You are one sneaky person." He compliments.

I smile. "That's how I get things done." I respond.

"Did you see where he was going?" Henry asked.

I mentally face-palmed.

"Ugh! No." I say. "He was just going down the same path he followed to get there, then I ran here. I didn't want him to see me." I say.

Henry pats my shoulder. "It's Okay, how about after dinner let's go and try to find him?" He suggests.

I smile. "Yes."

I notice Corinne staring at Henry and I. It kind of gets on my nerves. I ignore her.

"So what are we doing after dinner anyway?" I ask.

"Nothing! It's perfect. Everyone goes back to their cabin and we do some investigating." He explains.

"Great. I guess I'll see you then!" I say.

"See you then!" Henry says getting up from the table. He does that camp salute them leaves.

I seriously am never gonna learn that.


I wait for Henry outside the main building and watch the other campers start the slightly long walk back to their cabins. Henry finally comes out with the other camp counselors. Except for Dennis of course.

I quickly hide. I don't want Railey to see me. Henry stays behind and I come out from my hiding spot once Railey is out of my sight.

"Ready?" He asks me.

"Yep." I say. But as soon as I say that I get a little worried.

I'm about to spy on someone who is possibly a murderer and it's getting kind of dark. It's 6 o'clock, soon it'll be pitch black.

Henry suggests we start somewhere like the back of the main building. I agree. Seems like a murder-y place.

We walk around the large building. We search for about 30 minutes. Nothing.

The sun is setting.

We look along the trees.

The courts.

The stables.

By then it's night time.

"Let's check the garden." I advise.

Henry smiles. Very big. Wider than usual.

Maybe it's the darkness. My mind playing tricks on me.

We walk to the garden. I don't see Dennis but I do see a saw..on a table...and wood.

Oh. Dennis was using the saw to cut wood.

I see the shovel laying on the ground next to the wooden boxes.

"Ooohhh!" Henry exclaims.

I look at him. "What?"

"I remember now, Railey wanted him to build new boxes for the plants because they were getting bigger." Henry says with a hint of amusement in his voice.

I turn away and stare at the saw on the table and walk over to it. I can't believe it. I really thought that Dennis was the killer.

I go to look at the shovel.

Except it's not there.

It's in Henry's hands.

He smiles then hits me on the head.

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