Camp Cannibal

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Corinne's POV

I wake up in the middle of the night shaking. I had the nightmare again. The one about Florence...well, Florence's head.

I go to check if she sleeping. She's not. She's not even there! Where is she? Is She hurt?

I stop myself before I can go any further. I breathe in and out and do what Dennis taught me. Florence is not hurt. Florence is not in danger. She's just somewhere I haven't checked yet.

It makes sense. She's mad at me, she probably just went walking around the campus or laid outside to look at the sky.

We used to do that. When we were younger we'd have sleepovers, we would go on my roof with sleeping bags and sleep under the stars.

That was stupid of us. Luckily we never got hurt, thank god.

My heart aches a little. I want to go apologize to her again but I know it won't do anything. I go back to bed.

I'll see her in the morning.


I wake up excited. I get out of bed and...oh. She's still gone. Maybe she got up early? My thoughts are interrupted by Madeline.

"I hope she isn't doing something reckless." Madeline says.

I think I've decided where I stand when it comes to Madeline. Annoyed.

"She doesn't do things without reason." I say.

"How do you know she doesn't have a reason?" Madeline says climbing the steps on the bunk to wake up Elise.

"..." I don't.

I grab my towel and take a bath trying to get Madeline's words out of my head. Florence has done this before. Disappear.

But with the whole killer thing I just...I can't help but speculate the worst. There's ton of places to hide here, she'll probably be somewhere.

Oh my goodness. But if she isn't present for roll call or for the day she'll most likely get sent home. This woman is giving me a headache.

I rub my temples.

After getting ready I walk outside and wait for every one to gather at our usual spot. I see Henry standing around, greeting campers with a smile on his face as customary.

I walk over to him hoping he has answers.

"Um, Henry?" I ask.

He turns around. "Good morning, Corinne!" He salutes.

"Good morning." I say quickly. "Have you seen Florence lately?" I ask hopefully.

He thinks for a second. "The last time I saw her was yesterday at dinner." He says.

"Oh." I say downcast.

He looks at me with pity. "I'm sure she'll turn up soon." Henry says patting my back.

"Yea." I say.

Florence is not in danger.

"Yea." I say more confidently. Henry gives me a friendly smile and walks off.

Soon all the campers are here, except for Florence.

"Good morning everyone!" Railey starts. "Today we're doing a canoe race!"

People whisper excitedly.

"The winner of the race receives a prize! Tomorrow they decide what activity we're doing and they get bragging rights." Railey finishes.

Campers start to get loud claiming their group will be the ones to win.

Railey raises her hand and everyone immediately quiets down.

"Everyone go to your camp counselors!"

I can already feel the embarrassment kick in when only Madeline, Elise, and I walk up to Railey with no Florence.

"Where's Ms. O'Connor?" Railey asks me.

"I don't know." I say timidly.

I can't read the expression on Railey's face as she writes something down on her clip board.

"The amount of students are uneven now." Is all she says.

I wait feeling butterflies spazz in my stomach.

"Wait!" Railey suddenly exclaims to the camp.

"One of our campers is missing."

Everyone glances at each other with worry.

Ashley chimes in. "Missing?" She says concerned.

"Change of plans. Today is a free day. The other camp counselors and I will search for Florence O'Connor." Railey says.

Some campers groan. Other don't mind.

I feel dizzy. This can't be happening. Missing? She isn't she?

I don't know what to do anymore.

Since it's a free day I walk to the garden. I sit down on one of the logs around the unlit bonfire. A breeze blows.

It feels so peaceful. Sometimes I wish I could live here. My eyes glaze over the beautiful scenery.

It feels like nothing could go wrong here.


I spend the entire day in the garden. At lunch the camp counselors found nothing so they called the police.

They asked me if Florence had run away before.

....I said yes.

They said that we should just wait.

I stare at the dirt floor. I could have lied. I place my face in my hands. I start crying. I hear footsteps. I look up it's Henry.

I wipe my tears and continue looking at the floor.

I feel him sit next to me. "Are you okay?" He asks.

I shake my head.

He stays quiet for a while.

"I'm sorry." He says.

"It's didn't do anything." I say.

He gives me a soft grin. He hugs me.

I feel better. "Thanks." I say.

"No problem boblem." He says.

"Where is she?" I ask. I know he doesn't know but.. I don't know what to do anymore.

"I'm sorry Corinne but I don't one does." He answers.

"...yea...I know."

We sit there for a while before he suddenly gets up and stands in front of me.

"Come with me." He says.

I look at him confused. "U-uh...okay." I get up and follow him.

We walk to the stables.

"Get on a horse." He says flashing me a smile.

"What?" I can feel the corners of my mouth start to perk up.

"Get on a horse!" He repeats.

I raise one of my eyebrows but I get a horse and saddle up anyway.

Henry get's on his own horse. "Catch up!" He says before suddenly galloping away.

"Not fair!" I yell, chasing after him.

He continues until he reaches the beginning of the woods that surrounds Camp Somber Falls.

"Do you trust me?" He asks.

"Yea, duh." I respond.

He grins. "Then follow me!" He goes into the woods, I go after him.

After a fairly long ride we reach a small cabin. Kind of looks like the ones at camp.

Henry gets off his horse and ties him to a tree. He waits for me to do the same.

"What's this?" I ask him.

"Go inside." He says excitedly.

I give him a joking skeptical look before going inside.

My eyes go big. I gasp.

It was...

A mini movie theater!

There was a projector with the movie "Clash of the Titans" paused on it.

I love that movie! There were beanbags on the floor, next to them a bag of snacks and popcorn.

I turn back to Henry and give him a bear hug. "Oohhhh, thank you, thank you, thank you!" I say quickly.

He returns the hug and we sit down to watch the movie. This is gonna be fun.


About half way through the movie I really had to pee.

"So, like um...Henry?" I start.


"I need to use the bathroom." I say kind of low.

He laughs.

"Stop laughing!" I punch his arm.

"There's a porta potty outside." He says.

"What?" I ask. "There is?"

I look outside. "Oh there is. Pause the movieeee!" I yell while I run to the bathroom.

I slam open the door and sit down.

Sweet relief. I reach for the toilet paper until I hear something. Yelling?

It's probably something in the woods.

I finish using the bathroom and step outside. There it is again.

The sound.

My eyes fall on the outside basement entrance. Is it..coming from...there. I step closer.

"Hey!" Henry is standing at the doorway.

"Coming?" He yells.

"U-uh." I look at the basement door for a second then back to Henry.

"Yea, I'm coming."

We sit back down and continue the movie but I can't focus. Henry notices.

He pauses the movie.

"Is there something wrong Corinne?" He says seriously. His eyes burn into mine.

"Yea..I just heard something in the woods, I got a little spooked." I lied.

"Maybe, I thought it was Florence or something." I awkwardly laugh.

He doesn't. "Okay." Henry continues the movie.


When we we're done, we got on our horses and trotted back.

"...Thanks again, Henry." I say. I don't why but it feels kind of..awkward. Did I do something?

"No problem." He says back.

I look ahead. I can't help but think about that basement. What was in there?

Probably racoons, right?

We get back to camp, put away our horses and go to the cafeteria to get dinner. It was silent the whole time.

"Henry?" I ask.

"Yea?" He says without looking at me.

"Did I do something wrong?" I ask.

He immediately looks at me. "What? No." He says.

I'm confused.

"Then why were you quiet this whole time?" I ask getting a little bit worked up.

"I'm sorry, I was just...thinking." He says.

"About what?"

"...I can't tell you that, Corinne." Henry enters the cafeteria.

I stand frozen for a second.

"Okay." I say.

I assume he's just stressed or something or dealing with something I don't know about. I should respect that.

I enter the cafeteria, get my dinner, and sit down.

No matter how much I try to forget the sounds coming out of that basement it just doesn't go away. Maybe it's because I've been thinking about it too long but I'm certain what I heard was screaming. Human screaming. And I'm going to go investigate it.


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