Brotherly Love

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Chapter 3

It took four long months. The grief in Amy's heart had been sealed up, with the help of daily cuddles from her new cat and the needed company of her brother. She wasn't completely over the tragedy, but she was once again a functioning member of society. Every once in awhile, something would trigger the stinging feeling of sorrow. Depression had left its mark on her and she pitied herself.

Amy grew stronger each day, but Dustin did the opposite. He was going in reverse...

A threatening jealousy had grew from the inside of his vile heart, and took control of each beat. He didn't know why. Every time he saw Amy, It felt like an adrenaline shot of envy and rage. Was it because she hadn't given him enough attention? In the months that she been recovering, she had been distant.

Could she be talking to someone?

"Enough!" Dustin shouts inside his own busy-bodied mind. The idea that maybe Amy was giving her attention to someone else, scared him beyond belief.

"I have a job to do. Stupid shit like this can't distract me..."

He makes his way to the back room, where his false mother laid on her death bed. His fingers anxiously rub around a needle he had hidden in his pocket. His mother who is barely conscious, instinctively flinches to his presence alone.

He chuckles at her weak defenses.

Her sickly body disgusted him. She resembled actual death. Her skin was a sore color of bloodless white. Patches of blonde hair desperately tried to grow on her malnourished head, but died off before giving any length. It was no surprise she couldn't support herself anymore. She was forced to be bedridden. Her bones had gotten too deathly thin to allow her to walk.

Why would he care? She was nothing to him. Just a false mother, who was too successful at parenting. So successful, that she was able to earn Amy's undying love. Love that rightfully belonged to Dustin, or so he thinks.

For a long time, Amy began to choose their mother over him. He couldn't have that. He didn't care if it was because they were both women, and Amy simply needed a female role-model in her life.

"She doesn't need a mother's touch." Once again, his thoughts growl at him.

Why would she need someone to watch over her, when she had him? He did everything a mother would do, but twice as better. Maybe his ego was getting a little too large, but he honestly believed Amy had no need for a mother.

"You know what time it is." He talks to her sleeping body, knowing somehow she can still hear him.

He watches her breath and as expected, it speeds up. Seeing her lay there completely worthless, causes an alarming smile. He shuts his teeth quickly together, trying to keep another sickening chuckle from escaping.

Dustin understood he had to get himself together and make this quick. Amy would be on her way home soon. The last thing he needs is for her to see this...

He intentionally causes harm, as he cruelly grabs her wrist. With the needle he had kept invisible inside his pocket, he pierces it deeply inside her sensitive skin. The lethal injection forces itself into her bloodstream and leaves a toxic trail.

The mother's body violently tenses up. A weak attempt to reject the venom her own son had been exploiting her to for years. Sadly, there was nothing she could do. Even if she could reject the poison, it would've been far too late. Her body had taken it too many times.

"Hopefully this will be the last time." He pulls the syringe out, and stares at the tip.

The devil himself would've flinched in horror. Dustin's actions were unholy and truly wicked, but nothing stopped him.

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