Brotherly Love

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Chapter 4

The bringing of night was behind it's strict schedule. The obnoxious sun was still watching over the lazy town, that Amy and Dustin flourished in. Despite this, the chill of the night remains and made it's presences known.

Dustin shivers, expressing his dislike of the cold. The cigarette he compressed between his fingers, somewhat gave him warmth. He takes a long desirable puff, letting the wind carry the smoke away from him. He wasn't allowed to smoke in the house. Even when nobody is home, he finds himself mindlessly following the rules.

He sat on the front porch, watching the clouds clutter the dingy sky. His mind resemble the ugly state of the clouds, cluttered with thoughts. Thoughts that begged for answers he couldn't give.

He takes another drag, trying to smoke out the nagging voice in his head. This time, he savors it.

"Stupid fucking weather." He spits at nobody, and buries his face into a scarf.

The cat that had been stalking Dustin, hisses behind a window. Almost as if it was offended by his unjustified insult. It's large body barely lays on the windowsill, but it was high enough to keep it's eyes on Dustin.

He scoffs at the creature's ignorance.

"How could Amy love something as revolting as you?" He talks to the animal, anticipating it to answer.

His eyebrows narrow harshly. The cat stares at him behind the window, flicking it's tail to each word he spoke.

It was no secret. Dustin had trouble with animals in the past. He had no remorse or empathy towards anything with or without fur. To be fair, animals didn't like him either.

This hatred didn't stop him from being slightly.... fascinated.

It was something about their inability to speak. They can't tattle or be wittnesses. Whatever happens to them.. Happens... They don't have a voice to defend themselves.

A window separated the two, but the cat looked confident. Dustin's eyes sharpen. He truly hated that rodent. It felt like it was competing with him.

"Is this thing actually taunting me?" The unreasonable question teased Dustin's mind.

He's mind was unstable. He believe the cat had the ability to mimic human emotions and purposely ridicule him. The more he stared at it, the more it pissed him off.

He grinds his teeth together, biting off the filter of the cigarette. Now useless to him, he carelessly flicks the cig on the ground and crushes it with his boot.

"I'm sick of this." He snarls, rushing back inside the house.

He rummages through the kitchen, searching for any plastic bag. The sound of the cabinets being slammed open, boomed throughout the entire house. He pushes the spices and herbs to the side, reaching for bags that had years of dust collected on them. He yanks it out, knocking over some containers.

He whips the bag open and hastily storms into the living room. The cat hisses at Dustin's aggressive actions, and attempts to swat at him a few times. Unfazed, he squeezes it's unattractive face and hurls it into the bag.

Once the cat's claws were no longer a threat, he walks out to the back yard and stands by the riverbank. He takes his sweet time filling the bag with rocks, picking out the sharpest stones his hands could find.

After a while, the bag had been filled to the brim. The struggling cat's movements were limited.

He hangs the bag over a storm drain, watching the thick plastic slightly squirm. He softly sways it back and fourth, getting a sick thrill of being in control. A smile had been branded across his face during the whole process. His smile only gets bigger, as he pretends to drop the cat a few times. The enjoyment he felt when the cat squealed for its life, was almost bliss.

Sadly, he knew all games had to come to an end.

Dramatically, he lets go...

The traumatizing sound of the rocks smashing into the drain walls, made him slightly flinch. He could only imagine what would happen to the cat's soft body.

He listens to each bang, while corrupted goosebumps grow on his skin.

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