Brotherly Love

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Chapter 7

The torment of loss wasn't as potent as before. The death of a mother affected the hearts of many, but this time it was anticipated. Everyone had almost completely moved on after a few weeks, expect Amy. She had stayed locked inside her room, using her walls as a shield from the outside emotional air.

The stinging waves of lethal depression had stamped it's markings around Amy's tired eyes. Her face reveal the levels of loss and heartache. Each unsightly wrinkle hid torment, sorrow, misery, and fiery anguish. Knowing this, she hid her appearance under pillows.

"Amy." A muffle voice behind her locked door calls out to her.

She squeezes her blankets and pillows around her ears harder, still wanting to block out every sound of other human beings.

"It's Dustin."

The lock door handle jingles slightly, as he struggles to open it.

"Can I come in?"

"No!" Amy snaps back, not caring if she sounded rude.

The unexpected attitude caught Dustin off guard for a split second. It wasn't like her to express herself so ill-mannerly .

"Why?" He asks, still messing with the door-handle. "I just wanna check up on you. Dad is worried just as much as I am."

"So?" Amy completely disregards their emotions and continues being self-centered. "I'm fine. I don't need anyone to check on me."

The conversation between the two was intense. Together their bodies were in the same novel, but their souls struggled with different chapters. The experience between them was undoubtedly distinct, causing frustration and anger.

"What can I do?" Dustin's voice cracks, showing weakness. "I"ll do anything. Just please let me talk to you."

Amy pushes her face harder in her pillow, keeping her mouth from speaking without permission. Her teeth bite down on the edges for extra support. She could sense Dustin behind her door. It made her feel uncomfortable, a feeling she wasn't use to.

"Whatever I guess..." Defeated, he walks away from the door. His footsteps fading away, along with his strange aggressive presence.

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