Brotherly Love

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Chapter 8

Dustin's POV

The ocean waves slightly fought the family's old boat. Each time the boat purred from the struggling engine. It was old. Passed down for Generations. Of course each family member attempted to add new modifications, to keep the old unstable thing together. It was a waste of time.

"Dustin.." His father's blank stare took him by surprise, "We need to talk, and I don't mean a small chitchat."

He felt his eyebrows perk up from irresistible curiosity. Sweat cause from the unmerciful sun dripped slowly pass his now risen eyebrows.

"Oh yeah?" He asks, grabbing another drink from the cooler, "Can't be worse than taking me on other boat trip."

His father had insisted on taking Dustin with him. Dragging his son to unnecessary 'family trips' was a sick tradition he took pride in.. Of course Dustin despise these little adventures

"We needed to give Amy the house to herself. God knows she needs it." His father was right. Amy needed time to think more than ever.

Dustin didn't respond. He was too busy chugging down the last iced soda. His father stares at him in disbelief.

"I want you out of the house."

He chokes on the cold drink. This was extremely unexpected.

Despite couching, he manages to squeeze out a single word, "What?"

Without breaking eye contact, his father's face turns into disgust.

"I saw the pictures you had hidden under your bed."

The grip Dustin had around the cooled soda tighten with shock..

His father reaches inside his baggy pocket and tosses the secretive photos on top of the fishing wire, that had been laying on top of the cooler. Amy's body was in all of them. Nudes of her in bed, the shower, bikinis, and some of her just simply changing clothes. The photos themselves burned into Dustin's perverted mind.

"Your a sick fuck." His fathers words sizzling with anger and disgust, "I want you out. I'll send you your belongings. Don't step foot near my house or Amy again."

Dustin was caught. He foolishly hid the photos in his room, not knowing his father would search there. He places the soda down and looks up at his false father.

"Very well. I won't come back." His voice was surprisingly calm, with enraged the father even more.

"Under my own house." He growls with disbelief, "My son taking photos and probably jerking off to his own sister!!"

"Your not my father.." Dustin cuts in, and stands up. "You've always been a poor excuse as a dad. Especially to Amy. She deserves more.."

His hands turn into petrified fist and his eyebrows narrow. This man wasn't about to expose everything Dustin had been planning for his sister. He would make sure of that.

"My father made sure I understood the gravity of keeping someone I care for safe.." He reaches for the photos, "You couldn't even protect your wife." His hands slips under the masses of nudes and grabs the fishing wire. The father mistakes him for taking back the photos and attempts to stop him.

"What the hell?" He shouts and reaches to grab the photographs, "You are so delusional if you think-"

He is painfully cut of. Dustin had acted quick, and took this opportunity to the fullest. The wire had been forced around his neck. It quickly cuts into his skin. He pulls vigorously trying to create more damage. The smell of fresh blood overpowers the salty stink of the ocean. The father quickly wraps his hands around his neck, desperately trying to break the wire apart. It was rooted deeply inside his flesh. His fingers couldn't pull it out.

After a few seconds, his body falls hard and Dustin reminds on top of him. He reaches for anything he could find. Anything that could help him prevent this horrific death.....but nothing. The last thing his heard was Dustin, chuckling at his last efforts of precious air.

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