Brotherly Love

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Chapter 9

"No god please no."

Amy swung open the car door, jolting herself out and toward the yellow police tape. The heavy rain reflected off the shiny plastic, but she kept going past the barrier. The deafening sirens of police cars, painfully pierced her ear drums the closer she ran into the commotion. Her surroundings were chaotic, but she felt nothing. She had to see what was in the water. The gavel she ran on, soon turned into sand.

"Dustin?! Dad!?" She called out, pushing bystanders out of the way.

She felt like she was in a movie. Dramatically about to stumble upon a crime scene, but this wasn't a movie. This was her life and little did she know, this was a crime.

After one more shove, she finds herself in front of the crowd. They all stared out into the sea. A ball of heat and flames danced on top of the water, using the families old boat as the foundation. It was unmercifully swallowed up in the devil's mouth. Hearing the boat crack and crumbled under the weight of the fire, was scarring.

Amy feels her body throw itself into the frigid water. The image of seeing Dustin's and her father's bodies burning up in flames, made her lose all common sense.

"Dustin!! Dad!" She screams. Before she could get deeper into the water, she is jerked back into a set of arms.

Her wet face is met with a warm, but heavy breathing chest. Her body is tenderly held with two masculine arms, while her waist is shoved up against a lower stomach.

"Amy it's me." He pants, burying his nose into the crook of her neck. "Everything is gonna be okay."

Amy's eyes widen in relief. She holds Dustin back, crying into his chest. She needed to let everything out. Together, they stood in the water, holding each other. This would be the most romantic scenario, if Amy's father wasn't burning up along with the boat.

Her tears mix into Dustin's already soaked shirt. He didn't mind jumping into the ocean for her. This was the closest he had ever felt to Amy. Watching her cry and hold on to him, was a dream come true. In a moment of hesitation, he places his hand on top of her head. Slowly, he brushes stands of wet hair away from her face. He wanted to smile. He wanted to grin ear to ear! Watching her so close up, getting to touch her like this, it.. it was exhilarating!

"D-dad.." she hiccups, in a mess of tears, "is he okay too?"

"I.." Dustin pauses, her question catching him off guard, "D-Dad didn't make it. I'm so sorry."

"What happened!"

"The boat.. it.." Dustin had planned out a story, but didn't expect Amy to ask straight away.

She couldn't know he killed her father. She wouldn't understand. How could she? For some reason, he struggled to lie to her. Seeing her in this raw form, was heart wrenching.

"Dad was drinking. I tried to get him off the wheel, but he fought me. He claimed he was the reason mom died, and he wanted to join her." Dustin stops, and starts dramatically crying. He needed to play the part, and fake all emotions. "He ended up ramming us straight into a rock. I..I think he wanted to kill himself Amy. Mom's death was just too much for him."

Dustin feels Amy's hands turn into balls of fist. She clenched her teeth, trying her hardest not to scream. The rain, sirens, and the sounds of the fire, was just too much. She wanted to faint, or maybe throw up.

Dad killed himself! Why would he leave me! How could be do this too me!

She shuts her eyes, trying to scream out all her emotions through her thoughts. Her grief had quickly turned into anger. She was almost completely alone now. If it wasn't for Dustin, she would have to defend herself. Where was she going to go? Who would take care of her?

"Wh-what's going to happen to me. I'm a orphan now." The word orphan left a sour feeling in her mouth.

Dustin cups the left side of her face, using his thumb to wash away any more falling tears.

"You can stay with me. I promise i'll take good care of you."

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