The mirror

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Emily Greenwood was taking a vacation to a summer camp so her parents can have a summer to them selfs but when Emily gets there it looked so nice and sweet. The cabins were very nice too but in her cabin there was a mirror and this was a very scary looking mirror and at Night crazy things happen. Read more to find out.

Horror / Action
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The arrival

It was a nice summer day in July and Emily greenwood was going to a summer camp to help out her parents so they can have some alone time. When they got there the summer camp looked so nice and sweet. There was so many campers there even some of Emily’s friends “EMILY”! Said one of Emily’s friends named Sarah “ SARAH”! They hugged so tight. “OK CAMPERS GATHER ROUND”! yelled one of the counsellors. They all gathered around the counsellors and they all sat down on the benches “ so welcome to camp wakkanakka the camp of fun and skill setting” , “ I am counsellor Kelly and this is counsellor mike”. “Hello there uh kiddos uh I mean campers”

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