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This is a compilation of all of the poems that I have written over the years, from when I began writing as a teenager to current (over the span of 15 years). I am trying to keep my poetry original; I know that some have poor grammar, but I was a teenager when I wrote them and I feel horrible at the thought of changing them now. To change my poems from back then would be like changing a part of who I was, who I am, and I don't want to do that. Poetry is a whole different side of writing. Rather than losing yourself in a world of your creation, poetry allows you to expose your raw emotions and allows them to flow freely into paper. Poetry is a release of those built up emotions, the good and the bad, allowing a calming to wash over you once it is on paper.

Horror / Poetry
Arianna Del Gaudio
Age Rating:

A Soldier's Eyes

A Soldier’s Eyes.

He knows he swore,

To protect his country and fight this war.

Bullets, Blood, Smoke,

Everyone covered by a hateful cloak.

Screams as people die,

And hope for those who try,

To stay alive and win,

And live his old life again.

Something crashes through his skull,

Making his eyesight ever so dull.

Smoke engulfs him as he peacefully dies,

And that is what you see through a soldier’s eyes.

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