spoilt rich teens

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these rich kids think they have every thing in their lives going well.that nothing can affect them then they thought wrong . they under estimate the legend of a small town ghost and it has followed them and causing havoc and possesing them to kill and destroy . "non shall survive",is the motto what will happen to these group of teenagers.

Horror / Romance
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"Fuck you"Jordan said to isiah and punches him,"poor bastard",isiah got up flared up by that comment and came at jordan hitting him continuously . Sloane runs to isiah,"please isiah stop this,you'll kill him", she pulls him back, "isiah i don't care it was a mistake, i still love you,okay", she said and kissed him, he froze then kissed her back . She stopped, "let's get out of here" she said dragging his hand. Jordan watched them through his bloody hazed vision ,"I will fucking kill you isiah, just watch" he shouted as josh and christian carries him from the school's parking lot.


"how could you", tiffany shouted at simone in the girls bathroom,"How could you fucking sleep with him, sloane's your twin and you did that, what about jordan huh",she said hitting one of the doors."I don't know, i did not sleep with him i don't know how it happened something got over me i swear i would never do that to sloane", she said crying on the floor,"so it wasn't you that fucking pretended to be sloane to get isiah,i know you like him but i never knew you would stoop so low",tiffany said and turned to leave "i have to go i can't stand to be around you right now".

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