The Monster Within

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A kid in his mid twenties struggles with his depression and PTSD. But then something demonic takes advantage of it.

Horror / Drama
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Chapter 1

I sat in a room of darkness, my room a mess, just sitting in my room slowly wasting away. I spent most my days crying until there are no tears left to cry, slit my arms from wrist to shoulder, and isolate myself. My mind torchers me so, with memories and nightmares that have haunted me for years. But before I could continue to regret everything about my life, I heard a knock on my door. I let out a sigh and said quietly,

"Come in." My friend Sam came in, she is a twenty two year old women with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a loving personality.
"Hey, you doing alright." she asked. I responded with,
"As alright as I'm gonna get. What brings you here?"
"Just checking in on you, making sure you're ok."
"Well let me tell you something, I'm never ok."
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